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‘Sister Wives’ star Mykelti Padron is pregnant with twins

'Sister Wives' star Mykelti Padron is pregnant with twins

Double dose of love! sister Wives Star Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband, Antonio “Tony” Padron, are expecting twins. couple share news People And announced it via Instagram.

“We” are twins!!!! Miss Avalon will be a big sister in December (twins come first so probably before) Tony and I definitely weren’t planning or expecting it but we’re both excited for our upcoming adventures and all the chaos And the love this #people.com brings to #expectingtwins,” the caption wrote.

In the photo, Mykelti holds the couple’s 14-month-old daughter, Avalon, while Tony holds her belly. In the next picture, Avalon is all smiles as she sits on the stairs with two bibs that read, “Drinking Friends.”

On her Instagram Stories, Mykelti shared a photo of her ultrasound with matching bibs.

“I’m extremely excited for the twins to arrive,” she told the publication. “Especially nervous for the first 18 months of his life, but it will be an amazing adventure.”

“I’m excited to have double the trouble and double the fun,” Tony said.

Mykelti, 26, and Tony, 27, tied the knot in 2016. The couple welcomed their eldest child in April 2021.

Mykelty is the daughter of Cody Brown with Christine Brown, who left Cody in 2021 after 25 years of marriage.

During a chat with ET in February, Christine shared that Mykelti, or her and Cody’s other children, Aspin, Paddon, Gwendlin, Yasabel or Trulli, “are not at all open” to plural marriages.

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