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“Singing in Spanish is Good”

"Singing in Spanish is Good"

colddoes it ring a bell? “Galician?” No, no, he was born in the province of Buenos Aires. Let’s move on to the details: 24-year-old, beautiful singer and songwriter who has just crossed borders from a tour of the United States. She also holds an unusual record: she is the first Argentine artist to support a North American tour (in this case, with the famous Mexican band). Jesse and Joey,

With that tailwind, they had the opportunity to tour 21 cities with live shows during March and April. ie: Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, etc.

He has been singing and playing guitar since he was nine years old, when he locked himself in his room to play songs for Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. She, like Manuelita, lived in Pehuajo and in 2016 settled in the federal capital. Finishing Veterinary CBC, he began uploading songs to be sung in English. This is how things started.

cold.  Press photo.

cold. Press photo.

“The only real thing is what’s happening to me now,” he says. Cheap Philosophy and Rubber Boots? “No, I’m too chubby.”

EPs. after the release of cold (August 2021) and EP Slow motion (October 2021) The good news is that they have just released their debut album called Travel14 songs with titles like I have no plans, neither friend nor foe, tattoo, photo more ka remix this worldHis first single of 2018,

Chule got the opportunity to open the show Shawn Mendez Movistar was able to show off other aspects of herself in the Arena and by playing herself in the Netflix series millennium, Saturday 24 June presented in Lucille (beanie 5520),

be out on tour

cold.  Press photo.

cold. Press photo.

-At the moment, can it be said that you are known more abroad than in your own country?

-nerd. I think I’m better known here. Or in Uruguay. I toured the States, but I just didn’t stop playing as a new artist.

-You visited the United States, what is happening there in terms of music?

-I toured for a mostly Spanish speaking audience. There were a lot of Mexicans or Puerto Ricans and what I saw at the show was more and more people speaking Spanish. I think it’s great because our language is getting globalized and you can see Anglo artists mixing with our language.

Interesting observation.

It is good to speak in Spanish, it is good to sing in our language. Today I am of the impression that singing in English is not necessary to open a market.

– Bilingualism is very “third world”, isn’t it?

Of course, they are not necessarily bilingual and English was the global language. If you travel, you must speak English. Well, with Spanish in the United States, more or less the same is happening. For example, in Miami, you don’t say a single word in English. Be careful, I’m not quite close, but I don’t think you have to sing in English to be successful today.

Nicknames and Preferences

cold.  Press photo.

cold. Press photo.

– What does “Chule” mean, where did the surname come from?

This is my nickname for life. My dad tells me that ever since I was born. I did Instagram when I was 15 and I used Chule. That’s when I started doing cover songs. Actually my name is Sophia von Wernich.

– What music scene are you interested in?

-Mmm, with the worry of killing it, maybe everything starts to turn in one direction. I’ve always loved pop music and I also like some more urban sounds.

If you had complete freedom, what music would you make?

I do what I listen to. Pop is, I don’t wanna see what I am or what I do. It’s trial and error until I reach my voice, something I feel with each of my songs. It makes me feel more comfortable. I’m changing all the time without leaving DNA.

How does it feel to be a singer, to devote yourself to music, and to know that the “disco” item won’t be part of your career?

– Ay, haha, I don’t say “I want a record”…! Now everything has become virtual. Vinyl makers do this because they think it’s something representative…

cold.  Press photo.

cold. Press photo.

-But the new generation knows what an “album” is?

-Yes, of course, we release albums, but it doesn’t hurt. And when they give out prizes you notice that they continue to give you a “gold record”, although I no longer believe that it is measured in sales but in listeners.

-Do you have to play live to make a living from music?

-Yes, obviously, but it’s rare: Many people who don’t sell tickets get a lot of interaction on a virtual level with the most active networks later. And on the other hand: there are artists who don’t have that many followers and you go to see them live and they fill everything up…

-“I have no plans” is called your theme. Anything to do with your lifestyle?

– The truth is, hahaha, there’s a lot to see. I’m just like that, I don’t have any plans, I don’t take a lot of stress, I guess in the short term.

-you write. Is it easy to be a singer-songwriter?

You can be an artist and do great, but I think people relate differently to an artist who writes.

-Bizzrap is going down the line in urban music. He produces just about everyone, and they all seem more or less the same. Doesn’t this conspire against the artist’s content?

Well, given the place the producer was as an artist, it was something that had not happened before. It so happens to Bija that he is a musician. I really don’t know if he messes with the song, I’ve never been in one of his productions. Trap, rap, urban music in general is a common genre where producers are just as important. Today the artist collaborates with the producer with Bizarap.

You sing, you act, and you’re a model for certain brands.

Yes, those are things that have happened and always add up. in the series millennium I have made by myself. With brands I want to be a photo artist. I’m not a model, I don’t behave like that. It all adds up to the race. My priority is music.


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