Singers became famous at the first festival of the social network

Beginning Today will be from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 June Festival #SuenaEnTikTok, which includes internationally recognized celebrities and artists who are still taking their first steps on the famous social network.

The concert starts today at Friday 11, 14 hours, Mexico timeor.

tiktok star planetarium

This will include special performances by artists such as Daddy Yankee, Gera MX and Christian Nodal.

what’s more, Kali Uchus, Lune, Thalia, Sebastian Journey, Carlos Vives, Mau and Ricky.

and also Tiny, Tanny, Guyana, Major Lazer, KHEA, Danna Paola, Manuel Turrizo, Danny Ocean, Banda MS, Morat, Callie and El Dandi.

and draw conclusions, Cavo, Fade, Maria Becerra, Banda El Ricardo and Mike Bahia, among others.

live presentations

Presentations Can be viewed live via cell phone, tablet or mobile device to your liking as long as you have the app TIC Toc.

just to see this concert you have to enter Banner Which will appear on the main screen. at best, it would be completely free.

first tiktok event

this is For the first time ever the stage hosts a concert across Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina and moreover, there will be a variety of styles Including pop, regional Mexican music and even folk.

popularity of Tiktok increased with the pandemic And not just among the younger population, but also by generations who joined digital platforms in search of a respite.

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During the last three years, this application became one of the most downloaded over two billion users, which he found in Video Shortening to a new form of expression, indicates

what’s more, TIC Toc, served as a great platform for Previously unknown songs went viral It is being repeated millions of times.

For this reason, the mobility of the app adds to virtual concert, which gained popularity last year due to the pandemic COVID-19.

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