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Singer-songwriter Erasmo Carlos dies at the age of 81 (Photographs)

  • They reveal wellness problems that he endured
  • had just been awarded
  • “Leave nostalgia and dozens of songs”

The environment of music went into mourning just after confirming the loss of life of the famous singer and composer Erasmo Carlos, who was briefly hospitalized in Rio de Janeiro soon prior to his death. He remaining as a legacy extra than 600 vintage songs and musical functions.

Erasmo Carlos was element of one particular of the most remembered musical duos in Brazil, collectively with the legendary Roberto Carlos, in accordance to Telesur. The singer-songwriter had extra than 800,000 regular monthly listeners on the renowned streaming music platform, Spotify.

He died soon soon after being awarded

He died shortly after being awarded

“Gente Aberta”, “Além do Horizonte”, “A Carta”, “Do Fundo Do Meu Coraçao” and “De Noite Na Cama”, are some of the most prosperous tunes of the musician who was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 5 of 1941, according to Infobae. Erasmo Carlos died at the age of 81.

It would seem that existence “lasted” for him to be identified one previous time, and that is that, just four times before he died, Erasmo Carlos was awarded the Grammy for the greatest Rock or Alternate Tunes album in Portuguese, in accordance to the Latin American media News, Telesur.

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