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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Singer Post Malone suffers a spectacular fall on stage (VIDEO)

  • Concerned about your health
  • It happened while performing a concert
  • Rumors say it was because of ‘drugs’

A couple of hours ago, a shocking moment began to circulate on various social networks where the singer Post Malone suffered a spectacular fall on stage, some rumors claim that the situation was due to drug use.

Post Malone, had a shocking fall on stage, the magnitude of the accident was so serious that seeing the American singer lying on stage, the doctors had to help him and the fans did not know exactly what was happening.

Singer Post Malone suffers spectacular fall on stage

Singer Post Malone suffers spectacular fall on stage

As detailed TMZthe alarming situation occurred last Saturday night, September 17, in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center, right in the middle of the concert, when the performer sang one of his most popular songs, “Circles”.

Singer Post Malone suffered apparent rib injuries after suffering a heavy fall onstage when he tripped over an uncovered hole in the stage used to lower audio equipment. He fell prone on the platform for several minutes while doctors attended to him.

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