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Silvia Urquidi, former manager of Juan Gabriel, assures that the singer’s son was arrested

A few days ago, the arrest of Alberto Aguilera Jr, son of Juan Gabriel, was reported for various crimes, including violating his parole in 2016. And although no more is known about the case for now, Silvia Urquidi, former manager of the Divo from Juarez, He assures that the singer’s firstborn was arrested in the United States.

In interview with Joy come, Silvia Urquidi, who worked with Juan Gabriel for several years, mentioned that due to legal problems that he maintains with Alberto Aguilera Jr, his lawyers began to look for him and realized that he was detained.

“For me it is very unfortunate because I don’t like it. I’m sorry, but he is in custody. I had been looking for him for 15 days because he has a lawsuit against me. My lawyers, the Public Ministry of Ciudad Juárez and the judge told us to look for him because he had not shown up for the hearings (…), but he is detained, my lawyers confirmed it for me.”

Silvia Urquidi, who has had problems with the singer’s children after his death for apparently taking over some real estate belonging to the interpreter of Eternal Love, pointed out that Alberto Aguilera Jr has been involved in several problems and did not take advantage of the support that his father gave him in life.

“I know many things that I experienced in those years that he was in the house. I supported it with great pleasure, I do not regret it because I did it in good faith. If he did not know how to value this, now I see that he did not know how to value what his father always gave him and how he protected him in life.

Finally, the former representative of Juan Gabriel said that He will not talk about the legal problem he has with the singer’s son.

“So many things happened after he went to live in Ciudad Juárez, he began to handle other things that I don’t want to delve into and the legal process is handled in the courts, not in the media.”


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