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Silvia Pinal married Rafael Banquells when she was a minor; this was their marriage

Throughout his prolific career, Silvia Pinal lived intense and mediatic love stories. He was married four times: the first, with Rafael Banquellsfather of his daughter Sylvia Pasquel, the second, with Gustavo Alatriste, along with the one who procreated Viridiana -who died in 1982-; his third marriage was next to Enrique Guzman with whom he had his two youngest children, Alejandra and Luis Enrique; and her last husband was the politician Tulio Hernandez Gomezfrom which it was separated in 1995.

The actress began a relationship with Rafael Banquells at 15 years old. They celebrated their wedding in 1947, then she was a minor, because she was 17 years old, while the actor and director of Gutierritos he had turned 30 and had already reached the altar once.

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Before Silvia Pinal, Rafael Banquells was married to the Puerto Rican actress Blanca de Castejonwith whom he broke up in 1942. After divorcing Pinal, he married Diana Marco, mother of his four minor children: Rocío Banquells, Mary Paz Banquells, Rafael Jr. Y Ariadne.

This was the love story of Silvia Pinal and Rafael Banquells

Silvia Pinal has affirmed that she married in love with Banquells, but that it was not “a love of those crazy”, rather she saw that marriage as an opportunity to escape the family yoke.

I think I was a convict at the time. I wanted to get out of the yoke and I said: ‘how? Well, married. I left my house as a little princess“, he told in an interview for the program The minute that changed my destiny.

At that time, Silvia Pinal already enjoyed a career in the theater; However, it was not until she left the blanket of her father, Moisés Pasquel, that she was able to enter the cinema and the small screen. It is known that she kept a distant relationship with his father, that he did not want to recognize her for having been the result of an extramarital relationship; it was not until she reached the age of 11 that he decided to see her.

‘Cantinflas’, the godfather of Silvia Pinal’s first wedding

Mario Moreno Cantinflas He was the best man at the wedding of Silvia Pinal and Rafael Banquells. As a gift, the comedian gave them a check for 5 thousand pesos, which at the time was a large sum of money that the couple used to buy their dining room, living room, bed and mattress.

“When he gave it to me, he did like this (he verified that it was real) to the check to see if it didn’t break. I said: ‘oh, Don Mario’, -he replied-: ‘Nothing, nothing, go buy what you want”.

Cantinflas was the best man at the wedding of Silvia Pinal and Rafael Banquells (Instagram).

Cantinflas was the best man at the wedding of Silvia Pinal and Rafael Banquells (Instagram).

The birth of her daughter, Sylvia PasquelIt was complicated because the couple did not have enough money to pay for the hospital. And it is that although Silvia Pinal was known, she did not enjoy the fame or fortune of today, in addition to the fact that Banquells was going through a bad streak.

I was a budding actress and Rafael began to go horribly wrong with the poor thing, he didn’t have a job and he couldn’t find it. I didn’t have a job either, so to sell things and pawn, that’s where I discovered pawning. I pawned my little animals, my little things and that way we were able to get Silvita (from the hospital) when she was born”.

Why Silvia Pinal divorced Rafael Banquells

In 1952, when Sylvia Pasquel was 2 years old, the actress asked Rafael Banquells for a divorce while they were eating, a situation that stunned the actor, who could not understand the reason for his decision.

“I told him: ‘Look, I’ve already been thinking about it and I want to get a divorce’, that guy’s face turned white, he got furious (…) He was right, he told me where did I get it from, why, also what value, hears. Then I got scared, I said: ‘in the f*ck* he’s going to kill us’”.

Silvia Pinal with her daughter and her first husband (Instagram).

Silvia Pinal with her daughter and her first husband (Instagram).

Silvia Pinal admitted that it was a hasty marriage and that she later realized that Banquells had the same control over her as her father, which is why she separated from him.

“I got married to escape the oppression of my father and it was worse for me; Rafael was very jealous and he would not let me go out or to the corner, “explained Pinal for TV Notes.


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