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Silvia Pinal is hospitalized; has Covid (video)

Silvia Pinal tiene Covid-19

Although the first actress Silvia Pinal already has the complete vaccination schedule (two doses), she was infected with Covid-19.

MEXICO CITY – Silvia Pinal was hospitalized, although preliminary information suggested that the first actress for a Hypotension, it was after diagnosed with Covid-19. It is also reported that the 90-year-old actress has been admitted to a health center south of Mexico City since Wednesday afternoon, December 22, but the actress’s family remained hermetic in the face of the situation.

It is worth mentioning that the hostess of “women real-life cases” already has the full vaccination schedule, but was still infected with the coronavirus.

“There is current information, that is known Doña Silvia Pinal is currently in the hospital, He was infected with Covid-19, although he already had his complete vaccination schedule, “said Andrea Escalona in the morning” today “.

The show “Venga la Alegría” said: “We found out that doña Silvia Pinal came to the hospital Yesterday we ignored the exact time, around sunset, apparently we know it was a pressure drop, a drop in oxygen delivery.

The journalist Flor Rubio also said: “I can confirm that she is You are admitted to the hospital because of an early stage of Covid, They are currently doing studies on him and his vital signs are stable. ”Similarly, Flor added,“ The family is relatively calm because Doña Silvia Pinal is vaccinated, it also has the vaccine booster.

Her daughter confirms the infection from Silvia Pinal

By a phone call in the morning from Televisa, his daughter Sylvia Pasquel reported that her mother, Silvia Pinal showed a change in blood pressure as well Oxygen supply problems, Doctors they conducted studies And so the infection with the corona virus was discovered.

The Mexican actress has been relocated to the Covid-19 area so her relatives cannot be around. So far, there is no information about the symptoms that he shows after infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Let’s remember that in June of this year (2021) was admitted to the hospital because of pressure problems, In 2020 she had an operation at home after a fall.

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