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Silverio Rocchi deserted ‘The stars dance in Today’ rejects Sugey Ábrego

Champion of Championsa new modality of The stars dance in Hoy, has come to be the most controversial fact clearly show on Mexican tv early morning reveals. Right after the dissolution of the couple Mariana Echeverria and Moises Muñoz Due to a absence of chemistry, yet another celebrity made the decision to depart the contest when he uncovered out that he had to share the phase with Sugey Abrego.

Is about Silverio Rocchi, who was 1 of the four removed contestants who ended up granted a prospect to return to actuality Having said that, the athlete was dissatisfied with the public’s selection that he return as Sugey’s companion, which is why he chosen to retire.

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Silverio’s refusal to return to the method confirmed the tense marriage he has with Sugey, a condition that was detonated various weeks back when they had been a dance lover.

Silverio Rocchi and Sugey Ábrego were a dance partner (Instagram).

Silverio Rocchi and Sugey Ábrego ended up a dance associate (Instagram).

And it is that every thing was wonderful concerning them until the actress questioned permission to be absent for a relatives trip, to which the footballer was assigned to dance with Michelle Vieth, who still left soon immediately after because of to wellness challenges, and entered instead Lorraine Bargallo. Equally built an great dumbbell and even Silverio said that he did not want any extra improvements, which was not feasible just after the return of Sugey.

The athlete and the actress experienced really little time to rehearse and were last but not least eliminated from the contest, which brought about Silverio’s annoyance. It was so that the creation gave them a second probability in which the public had the very last conclusion. Silverio danced with Lorena Bargalló and Sugey did it with each other with Jorge Boyoli.

Silverio Rocchi does not want to be Sugey Ábrego’s dance spouse

The viewers selected Silverio to pair up with Sugey all over again, she quickly approved and was about to take the footballer’s hand, he dodged her and announced that he did not want to keep on remaining portion of the actuality show then.

I want to give my area to Jorge, I am not heading to participate. I am a skilled… no (I’m okay with being with Sugey), I arrived here to dance, I desire to take a step back. I will not know if I’m going to regret it, but currently I’m sorry, dear audience, thank you pretty considerably.”

Surprised, Galilea Montijo supplied an apology to those people who voted for Silverio’s decision: “We would have just acknowledged this right before so we didn’t get to this instant.” In this way Sugey was allowed to return to Jorge.

“I could not place my system in the palms of anyone I don’t rely on and that’s why I stated: ‘I’d adore to keep with Jorge’ and also The producer questioned me: ‘If you arrive back with Silverio, would you appear back?’ I claimed: ‘Of program, if you sit us down with a expert for the reason that the exhibit will have to keep on, I did reiterate and manifest mainly because I am exhausted of getting the villain and it does not appear to be reasonable to me,” added Sugey.

Backstage, the producer of Hoy, Andrea Rodríguez, disapproved of Silverio’s actions. “I received the a few of them jointly and informed them the tale: ‘does it make any difference to you that we do this?’ If you experienced explained to me no, I wouldn’t have performed it.no way”.


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