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‘Sick love’: Couple conflicts, from theater to streaming

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There is no theme more universal than love and as this is experienced through relationships as a couple, the experience can be satisfactory or quite the opposite, and this is precisely the essence of sick lovea story that makes the leap from theater to streaming to recount the difficulties faced by nine couples on an ordinary day.

The tape that’s on Vix+ arises from the adaptation of the text of John Cariani (Love/Sick), which first came to the New York theater and later to Mexican stages under the direction of Rodrigo Nava. For its film version, Nava joined Marco Polo Constandse and a choral cast of 18 actors and actresses, some of whom were part of the play.

“The idea of ​​taking it to the cinema was since we were staging the play, the text has cinematographic features from its original in English, we knew that there was a potential movie and also the play was incredible and that fed us more the idea. transfer it to the cinema. Now what we have is a massive project,” Nava told MILLENNIUM.

Word of mouth was fundamental to the success of the work, and after being invited three times, Constandse went to the theater and connected with the story: “The play was funbut you also came out with a conversation, which side of the stories are you on at this moment in your life, it is impossible not to identify yourself”, commented the director.

“Love or partner relationships are the only space in life in which you can only contribute fifty percent even though you give one hundred percent, because that one hundred percent that you give only contributes fifty percent. , it is incredible how it works and that is what we see in these nine stories that are also extremely diverse”, he added.

And precisely the diversity of stories and situations is what makes the film attractive, the themes that are present are infidelity, lack of commitment, mistrust, breakups, monotony, disappointments, fears, deceptions, losses, but also reciprocated or spontaneous loves that promise a satisfactory or stable immediate future.

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Cinema and pandemic

Like many stories in the world, sick love It was filmed in complicated months of the pandemic, but the will and the desire to bring this story to the screen came together to generate a project like few others in the Mexican film industry: there was the necessary time for script revisions and it was even possible to rehearse before shooting.

“The rehearsals were more a talk to see what could be added to the film and in some cases the times they gave us to rehearse in the location where we filmed, it was impressive how in the middle of the pandemic this entire cast got on the ship; Fernanda had just become a mother, everyone was in a complex process of life, but it was achieved, “said Marco Polo.

Possible, that it has a sequel

After its theatrical success and depending on the reception of the film, Nava does not rule out continuing the story: “The expectation is that at the moment of being on a platform, what happened in the local with the work, achieves massiveness with the film, because the public asked for it in more cities; this can be possible with tape.

“I have thought about whether we will go one step further, there are many paths that can be followed, there are sequels or prequels and the origin of the stories could be important; what happens if you see something more of each of these stories, yes there are many possible paths, but we do not know what will come in the immediate future, “added Nava.

various loves

One of the stories is Fernanda Castillo and Adriana Louvier, and corresponds to two women who undertake a life in marriage. The breaking point comes when one of them is not pleased with the relationship; routine and childcare consume her life and despite love, the balance is not in the middle.

“When I saw my story in theater I wasn’t a mother yet and I thought: “Seriously, children do that”; when I made the film I was already a mother and yes, children do that. Seeing the story at one point in my life and another gave me different answers and that’s incredible, because it makes you identify in one way or anotherCastle said.

Our story is universal, the inclusion that is reflected in each story is incredible; This one has to do with the process of motherhood, it talks about love from a point of view that is not romantic and about the processes that you face as a woman after having a child, it tells you everyday situations that are extraordinaryLouvier added.

love and altar

What happens when you are about to get married and on the day of the wedding a doubt invades you? That is what Cassandra Sánchez Navarro and Daniel Tovar experience. “It’s a story that I identify with a lot, I think I’ve never told it, but I was very close to marriage on several occasions in my life,” said Cassandra.

“Every time I was about to get married, in the end I ran away, and I think that is a bit what happens with my story in fiction, there is no communication, it is not just taking the step because you have to take it, you have to take it convinced , they already have what they were looking for: love, that’s why this story made me wrestle with my own fears about marriage”, he added.

the love that is not

Natalia Tellez and Luis Arrieta star in another story that places us in the early stages of love. The character of Luis is a botarga that a boy hires to sing a song to his girlfriend, there the story takes a turn and shows a love that is far from ideal; According to the actor, “the most important difference is the tone, it is more real than the play”.

She cemented her dreams in a marriage, but it is not the path that is presented to her. “In the end, the incredible thing is that you can identify with yourself.All the stories in the same relationship, it is an endless spiral, it is real; what history shows is that this is cyclical, the stages of the relationship are like that and it is impossible not to identify, “explained Natalia.

instinctive love

The story of Gonzalo Vega Jr and Estefanía Hinojosa is perhaps the one with which the majority of the public will be able to identify, that first moment in which love manifests itself, the beginning of a story that could end well, or at least that is expected: “In this story, everything easy is experienced before the difficult, everything beautiful, physical, instinctiveGonzalo explained.

“What we see is the love at first sight that we all go through and I don’t think there is someone who can’t relate; I really like that part of the story is told without words, because it is not necessary, there are only looks and sensations. That stage of love feels that way, “added the actor.


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