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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Shot to death while recording video for TikTok in Colorado

  • A teenager is shot to death while recording a video for TikTok in Colorado
  • Aaliyah Salazar was hit in the head
  • There are three people in custody to investigate the death

Aaliyah Salazar, a young girl who recorded a video for TikTok, dies of a gunshot in Colorado and for this reason there are already some detainees, according to preliminary information that the authorities have discovered in the investigation into this case, reported the news portal of Magazine Peoplesince they want to know if it was a murder or an accident.

A new tragedy mourns a family in the United States with the death of the 14-year-old teenager, who was trying to record a video with two friends to upload it to the Tiktok platform, when suddenly the tragedy came. When the police received the call they went to the right place.


TikTok Colorado shot to death

There, in the town of Monte Vista, the police officers found the body of Aaliyah Salazar, unfortunately she was already unconscious, so the police called the expert services. In the place there were two women, and a weapon that belonged to a man, who, she said, was not found at the time of the misfortune.

However, the authorities took the three into custody for the death of the teenager. Verbatim, the police said the following about the case: “There were no vital signs or any sign of life on the part of the victim.” Today a family is devastated and it is sought to know who or who were to blame for this event, it was reported on the news that she dies of a bullet while recording video for TikTok in Colorado.

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