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Shonda Rhimes Shares Who She Would Like to Bring Back in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (Exclusive)

Shonda Rhimes Shares Who She Would Like to Bring Back in 'Grey's Anatomy' (Exclusive)

News recently broke that Kate Walsh is set to reprise her role on the medical drama.

Shonda Rhimes has many people she’d like to welcome gray’s anatomy, ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with the 52-year-old producer at the grand opening of the Shonda Rhimes Performing Arts Center (RPAC) in Los Angeles, Calif., and he reveals the characters he’d like to see on the medical drama once again.

ET’s conversation with Rhimes came after it was reported that Kate Walsh is set to reprise her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in an upcoming episode. gray key,

While Rhimes said she doesn’t “run” gray key anymore” — that task is left to showrunner Krista Vernoff — the producers of the medical drama can’t help but miss some of the show’s beloved characters.

“Some of them are no longer alive,” Rhimes said of the characters she’d like to see gray key re. “I always loved Meredith and Derek. I loved the week we got to see that reunion. I always loved George.”

Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) dies in season 11 of the series, only to be reunited with his love, Dr. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in a dream sequence five years later. As far as Dr. As for George O’Malley, he died in the season 6 premiere, and, like Derek, was reunited with Meredith in the season 17 episode.

As shown by Derek and George, death doesn’t necessarily mean someone is out of the series for good, but, if it does, Rhimes is comforted by the fact that there’s so much to look back on. There are memories.

“There are so many wonderful characters on that show that we want to keep in our hearts and our memories, but that’s the beauty of a show running so long. There’s so much to go back and watch again,” she explained.

in addition to the following gray keyRhimes made Netflix’s Anna’s InventionA series that has seen remarkable success since its February premiere.

“I feel really lucky that people follow our shows and watch our shows and tune into Shondaland shows,” Rhimes said of her production company, which is also behind bridgerton, “I guess, I’m hoping, that it’s because of the stories we tell. We try to tell exciting, dramatic stories with amazing characters.”

Shondaland’s “wonderful characters” are portrayed by equally talented actors, many of whom, including gray key star Kevin McKidd and ScandalKatie Lowes stepped out in support of the opening of the RPAC.

“We are family. We support each other as much as possible,” Rhimes said. “It’s amazing that they came out to support and they support the arts. I think a lot of them were these kids growing up, and so it’s wonderful to be able to be here to support these kids.”

For Rhimes, watching the opening of RPAC, which is now home to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, is “such a profound feeling.”

“To feel like the vision that Debbie Allen has for these kids is coming to life, after all, with this building,” Rhimes said of Allen, often gray key Guest Actor and Director. “Debbie has been doing such amazing things with these kids for so many years and these kids work so hard and they’re so talented. There’s finally a place they can call home forever, for me to be able to be a part of it.” It’s just thrilling for the sake of it.”

Rhimes is confident that good things will await from all children who take advantage of RPAC in the years to come.

“I’m sure you can find the next Shonda Rhimes in this building without question,” she said. “Hopefully not just the next Shonda Rhimes, but someone bigger and better than Shonda Rhimes.”

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