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“She’s Incompetent and Stupid” (Video)

lalo españa eduardo españa

Mexico.- Eduardo SpainThe comedy actor, popular for his character in the series “Neighbors”, shared a video at dawn in which he assured that he regretted voting for president, without directly mentioning him. Through a series of tweets,lol” soHe also attacked some Internet users who defended the current administration, especially on issues such as children with cancer.

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Who gives life to the character of German Martinez He mentioned that he was extremely sorry to have voted “stupid man “.

“How to make them understand that I voted for a foolish, arrogant, arrogant, closed, unworthy, corrupt person and I am so sorry?” He added and also took the opportunity to launch himself against the supporters of López Obrador.

“Despite so many corruptions, the lack of drugs for children with cancer, constantly putting off what he wants, not what is due.”

Michoacan governor Silvano Orioles, who waited for the president outside the National Palace, said of the case:

“Not welcoming people dealing with important issues in the country, promoting violence to divide the country, doing such stupid things.”

He said he didn’t know how to stop defending his “creatures”? “be stupid” and described the fourth change as “a cheap change that was promised”.

In the tweets, someone wrote: “Not that I defend him, but because you never complained about @EPN, I adore you and you are a great actor but you are just bullshit are,” a comment to which Spain responded:

“I no longer enchant the lord of the castle because every time I do, I am hacked into a social network or device, but … I feel deeply saddened and it seems inexplicable to me that There are people who are clinging to defending an inept. Corrupt and incompetent government.”

“The truth, it must be regrettable, that companies like Televisa no longer get the billions of pesos that they receive from the government of the republic. Obviously this affected everyone. No way,” another user told him. The Bar actor explained: “Be careful, the current president loves televisa and used to give crap. Do your research before writing unintentionally. Thank you. But really research.”

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lalo spain He was also questioned about children suffering from cancer: “I like your performance. I don’t share your opinion, you should inform yourself so that you don’t fall under the guise of the media that there is no longer a government subsidy, Because it is used for what is needed”, he wrote to her.

He replied: “I am cooperating @ANSeRiap You have no idea what it takes to support families who have children with cancer and if you can’t you can mention the futility and closure of this “president”. Good luck on your way”

Parents of children with cancer block Interior Circuit

After blocking access to Terminal 1 of Mexico City International Airport (AICM), parents of children with cancer set up a stoppage on a street in the internal circuit on Wednesday, demanding a supply of medicines.

parents of children with cancer This afternoon they started the blockade on this road in front of AICM. The Road Orientation Center of Mexico City’s Civil Defense Secretariat reported, “Protesters turned off circulation in the internal circuit at the height of AICM on the north side.”

Lopez-Gatell’s controversial statement

Despite his criticism for his statements on a television program, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, The Under Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion insisted on pointing out that behind the movement of parents seeking medicine for their children with cancer is a coup campaign by business and political groups that seek to profit from human pain. and their statements were distorted. similar interest group.

expressions of Lopez-Gatell Ramirezu He caused the PAN and PRD benches in the Chamber of Deputies to demand the resignation of the Under Secretary from President Andres Manuel López Obrador for accusing him of intolerance, false accusations and promotion of violence against parents of children with cancer, who exercise their free right of expression. .

Morena legislators in the Permanent Commission refused to reprimand the Under Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion for his statements, arguing that it was the least relevant moment to offend an extraordinary officer.

What did López-Gatell say?

During a television interview last Sunday, Lopez-Gatell Ramirezzo He assured that the movement of parents of children with cancer could lead to a coup.

On Tuesday, the official wanted to clarify: “What I condemn and I believe is that, sadly, human pain is exploited by economic, commercial and political interest groups who seek profit, it is very clear, Our sympathies, our solidarity with fathers and our full sympathy, respect to any family member of mothers or children with cancer or any other disease and we are working tirelessly to get medicines for them but who are interested groups They want to abuse the pain they have the vulnerability to take for their own political and petty reasons,” he insisted.

Cancer “pathetic and sad”

he remarked that cancer incidence This in itself is regrettable, sad and causes pain, but at the same time, if this disease happens to a child, it is multiplied, to which they thought it appropriate to reveal themselves.

They ask him to get out of the cabinet

Opposition factions asked the Union’s Congressional Permanent Commission to request the Secretariat of Public Ceremony to conduct an inquiry against the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcosar Varela; Under-secretary López-Gatell Ramírez, and the head of the Institute of Health, Juan Antonio Ferrer, were made public through a document, for serious irregularities in the processes of contracting and distributing drugs across the country. Social network by PAN deputy Jaime Ramirez Barba.

PRD demanded López-Gatell Ramirez resigns And added to the outrage and general disapproval caused by his harsh feelings toward children with cancer. Confronting the expressions of the official, the representatives of the PRD demand that López Obrador immediately guarantee the right to health established in the constitution and in general health laws; and in the rights and international treaties of girls, boys and adolescents, and that no longer allows López Gatel to interfere.