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Sherlyn explodes against haters who criticize her for how she cares for her son: “we don’t give an opinion about other people’s motherhood”

Sherlynfamous actress, caused a stir on social networks by defending herself from the haters who They constantly criticize her for the way she educates and cares for her son André. What did she say about her motherhood? We tell you what the former member of Your face sounds like to me said.

It was through her social networks that Sherlyn reacted to the many comments she received on her social networks about her motherhood.

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The famous assured that they constantly point her out for supposedly bringing “her son’s hair tousled” or even because she still sleeps with him:

“I love reading comments like: ‘Your hair is very disheveled’, ‘His shirt is already dirty’; ‘He still doesn’t speak’; ‘He already has two and he still wears a diaper’; “A little while he sleeps with you, and your privacy?” Said the famous.

For this reason, she sentenced them to stop bothering her and to stop interfering with the way she educates her son, since she stressed that she is the mother:

“My loves, if you could be the best mother of my son than I am, God would have sent you, not me, so, recommendation, we do not give an opinion on the motherhood of others,” he added.

His position, as expected, caused a stir on social networks, he received signs of support, among these several celebrities:

“We are all very good at giving opinions about other people’s lives. We become experts when it comes to others. Excellent response, dear friend”; “Totally agree”; “Those who think, from the outset do not know motherhood!!! Just listen to your intuition! They told me: Maria in arms? she is already very big! and still sleeps in your bed? Well, today María lives in another city with her boyfriend, and those days by her side will not be repeated, so enjoy her children with everything! And think less for God!”; “Enjoy it very much, I wish many mothers would educate their children with that love and dedication, which is what is missing today, congratulations”; “It had to be said and it was said. And almost always, those comments come from someone who is not even a mother, ”reads between the reactions.


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