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Sharon Stone suffered the loss of being a symbol

Sharon Stone suffered the loss of being a symbol

CANNES.— Sharon Stone breaks her silence and talks about the abuses, tragedies and illnesses that darkened her most successful moments in Hollywood.

Boasting enormous power and great dignity, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars never took charge of his narrative: in the face of the “sex symbol” status imposed on him for audience consumption, directors, and industry, he Wrote her autobiography, Cry for Freedom, Nari Shakti and Brotherhood among Women.

Now, he has made his much-awaited comeback in front of the cameras at the 74th position. Cannes Festival’s edition with a bright smile and a flowery Dolce & Gabbana dress that gives her as bright a presence as she’s imposing: designs, high fashion and multiple layers of tulle, from the firm’s autumn-winter 2021 collection , reminiscent of the look that Olivia de Havilland wore to the Oscars. A design worthy of a movie queen.

Sharon Stone published her memoirs last March. In them he revealed that he paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary in “Quick and Deadly” because the studio didn’t want to do so, but he also claimed that he had to show off his private parts in one of the most memorable scenes in “Low Instincts”. was deceived to show. “.

The film’s director Paul Verhoeven took advantage of the Cannes presentation of “Benedetta” to deny that it had happened.

The 63-year-old actress remarked in her memoirs that she only took off her panties because Verhoeven told her that it reflected light so that the public knew she was wearing them, learning everything shortly after: “I went At the projection booth, I slapped Paul, left, got in my car and called my lawyer. However, Verhoeven remembers what happened:

“My memories are different from Sharon’s. It has nothing to do with the brilliant way she played Katherine Trammell,” said the controversial film director.