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Documentary with Chris Hemsworth premieres today

MADRID (EFE) – Chris Hemsworth, a consummate surfer and environmentalist best known for his portrayal of Thor in the “The Avengers” saga, embarks on a mission to investigate the alarming rise in shark attacks in Australia in a documentary called The Avengers. Premieres today on National Geographic. .

“Chris Hemsworth: Shark’s Beach” is a one-hour special that will air today at 6 p.m. within the channel’s “Sharkfest” schedule, specializing in issues from the nature and animal world.

Hemsworth examines measures taken to protect coexistence with humans.

With the world’s leading shark experts including surfers, conservationists, shark advocates and marine biologists, Hemsworth begins his adventure from his home in Byron Bay in Australia.

Actors join forces with local biologists to find out how preventative measures work to avoid collisions between sharks and humans and dive with different species to understand their behavior and strength.

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Discover the latest findings about sharks created by scientific technology to protect both sharks and humans.

In a statement from the series, Hemsworth says, “I’ve spent most of my life near or in the ocean, sharing the same space with sharks, and recently shark activity has increased in alarming ways.”

“It is essential that we respect sharks. Our seas are dependent on these predators to preserve an ecosystem where biodiversity exists; however, we must also learn to protect ourselves and that is my main objective”, actor it is said.

“Chris Hemsworth: Shark Beach” is a production of the independent Nutopia, responsible for titles such as “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” and “Our Planet”.

An opportunity

“‘Sharkfest’ has become a port of call for world-class scientists and filmmakers, who share our passion for sharks and the health of our planet’s oceans. To do so, we invite influential opinion leaders and celebrities.” Through their incredible social platforms we are attracting to raise awareness and influence behavior,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president of global entertainment for National Geographic.

“Chris Hemsworth is a fearless defender of nature and has proven his commitment to conserving nature. He is also involved in the mission of protecting sharks for future generations,” Daniels said.