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Shanik Berman ‘chases’ Fofo Márquez from his program; he calls him “arrogant fifi”

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flabby marquez has become one of the most controversial influencers in Mexico, since for some time he has been involved with other important figures on the internet or performing acts such as closing an avenue in Guadalajara.

Currently, he maintains a joint controversy with Rey Grupero and Alfredo Adame. With the first because the youtuber allegedly hit him; However, doubts began after he appeared in the company of the aggressor who had denounced the day before, putting up a tarp outside Adame’s house, in which they promoted him as a mockery to give karate and DJ classes, the latter that the same actor promoted.

To the sum of events was added a video published by the same Shanik Berman, famous host who ‘ran’ the controversial influencer and tiktoker, who usually brags about what he does with his money.

Mayor of Guadalajara puts an ultimatum to Fofo Márquez; must report for community service

“Before you feel namas I wanted to tell you something that really bothered me and I found it very unpleasant: that you behaved very arrogant when you closed the avenue, andor I know that you are a very millionaire and everything but not letting people circulate (…) the truth, it seems totally wrong to me“He told her up front.

However, everything came to another point, when he suggested that he preferred that she not be part of his program, and even he called him “arrogant fifi”, to which Fofo had no further response and was about to leave.

Thinking about it, I prefer that they are not on my program, because you are an arrogant fifi“, he concluded.

At this, Fofo nodded, turned around and headed towards the exit; however, they soon began The people around laughed and Rey Grupero came out behind the camera, who orchestrated the little joke to the tiktoker.

Fofo Márquez, still in controversy

The name of Fofo and the word “controversy” do not stop being hand in hand. On the one hand, there is the media theme of Alfredo Adame after they played a joke on him. Even the same actor sent him a message after the joke he played with Rey Grupero.

“I want to tell this kid about the risk he ran by paying attention to this idiot: you know that there are weapons in this house, that little guy doesn’t know what he could have gotten intoAdam assured.

On the other hand, there is the issue of Guadalajara, on which Pablo Lemus, municipal president, assured that the term for him to go to the city to carry out community work is expiring..

“You have all this week to respond to the proposal; next week to comply with them, and if he does not, well, then we are going to continue with the investigation folder in the Prosecutor’s Office and we are going to request his appearance through the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office so that he can come here to Guadalajara, but in other circumstances.”

Fofo Márquez gained spotlight after being associated with Karely Ruiz, star of OnlyFans, who recently assured that the tiktoker does not have as much money as he claims, which the influencer sarcastically denied.


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