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Shakira’s children and their never-before-seen photos

  • This is what Shakira’s children look like
  • They inherited the talent and beauty of the Colombian and Spanish
  • Who do Shakira’s children look like?

As a result of her ex-marriage to the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, little Milan and Sasha conquer daily through the images shared by their parents on their respective Instagram accounts. Today we show you the children of Shakira and the photos of her never seen before.

The Colombian singer Shakira does not usually publish photos with her beautiful children, fruits of her love with soccer player Piqué. But she sometimes puts her children’s privacy on hold to reveal her profile on Instagram tender images.

Shakira’s children and their never-before-seen photos

Shakira's children and their never-before-seen photos

Milan and Sasha, 8 and 6 years old, respectively, who become viral with millions of likes every time their mother shows them on social networks. And it is that in addition to being extremely handsome children, they are very talented and also charismatic.

Enjoying moments with her family, on vacation, or showing off her wonderful talents is how Shakira does not hesitate to share the meaningful memories of her beloved children with her almost 80 million followers around the world.

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