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Shakira would have found Piqué a prohibited video

SPAIN.— Details on the rupture of Shakira and Gerard Pique you keep floating. So far, the couple has not revealed the reason why they decided to end their 12-year relationship, but different media have indicated that the cause of their separation is a infidelity by the Barcelona footballer. Now a printed media interviewed a supposed person close to the couple, this person revealed that Shakira discovered him I piqued a video that it was not for her.

Shakira would have found Piqué a prohibited video

In an interview with an anonymous source, TVNotas released the statements of the alleged person close to the couple, who spoke about why Shakira and Pique They ended their 12-year relationship and after having procreated their two children during that time: Sasha and Milan.

According to the post, a video intimate that the Spanish player recorded and that it was not for the interpreter of “Ciega, sordomuda” was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because the 45-year-old singer discovered with this material all the infidelities of the 35-year-old Spaniard.

The person points out that Shakira checked Gerard’s cell phone and thus saw the sexual video that his partner recorded, but he also found some Photographs “very risqué” that he sent to several girls.

When the person was questioned about whether he knew if the relationship between the singer and the soccer player was going wrong, the alleged source indicated that “they did have some problems, but like everyone in a relationship”, however, after Shakira discovered the banned video which was obviously not for her, decided to separate. The interviewee mentions that the Colombian was the one who asked Piqué to leave the house.

With whom did Piqué cheat on Shakira, was he unfaithful to her?

According to the source used by the print media, Shakira knew of some infidelities that Gerard Piqué had committed, but since they were mostly just rumors, the Colombian preferred to ignore and continue their relationship.

As for the rumor that the third party would have been the Pablo Gavi’s momthe person pointed out that it is just that, one more speculation like when it was said in 2012 that the Spaniard had cheated on the singer with the model Bar Refaelibut neither of the two rumors was verified.

About Miss BumBum, Suzy CortezPiqué did send him messages, but he clarified that several players also wrote or called him. Although the soccer player was insistent and he always asked him “when he would return to Europe to meet. Likewise, the anonymous person indicated that Suzy would have been the recipient of Piqué’s prohibited video, although there could also be several:

“That’s how he seduced them all with the same video and the same photos, he’s cynical… he said the same thing to all of them,” the interviewee pointed out.

Shakira was also unfaithful?

Several media outlets have pointed out that Shakira and Pique they began their relationship amid rumors of infidelity by the singer towards her ex-partner Antonio de la Rua. On this subject, the anonymous person mentioned that the Barça player was the one who “got between Antonio and Shakira”.

The consulted source added that Shakira left De la Rua for Piqué, and for a while he was with the Argentine and the Spanish until the Colombian decided on the footballer.

“They met at the World Cup in South Africa… Anthony He was in Argentina and that’s where his courtship began; She was with both of them at the same time, and they lasted almost three months, until she left De la Ruabut since he was their manager and they had properties together, they had to arrange everything with lawyers … “explained the close source.

Do Shakira and Piqué part on good terms?

The alleged person close to Colombian and Spanish He commented that they tried to fix everything before announcing their separation to the press.

Even Shakira already knew about Piqué’s infidelity, but they tried to make their separation very discreet, so he would go home to see the children or go out together to do some things, but the press discovered that he no longer has keys and when he arrives he has to ring the bell like any visit.

The interviewer also mentioned that neither she nor he want their children to know about all this, so sasha and milan they only know that “mom and dad no longer understand each other and that now they will live apart”. But he points out that Shakira no longer wants to continue living in Barcelonabecause he has no one there, he was only in that place for Pique. The source added that the singer would be thinking of moving to the Bahamas.

“Shakira no longer wants to continue living in Barcelona… She doesn’t really have family or close friends here, apart from those of Pique, and apparently wants to return to his mansion in Bahamas, where he lived before they started a family. The problem is that Gerard He does not want the little ones to leave, because he alleges that in addition to being born in the Catalan capital, they have grown up there, go to school, have their little friends, ”explained the alleged source.

On custody of their two childrenthe person pointed out that so far it is not known how the couple will proceed, but it is possible that there is a legal lawsuit.

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