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Monday, September 26, 2022

Shakira meets Piqué again and leaves very happy (VIDEO)

  • This was the meeting between the Hispanic singer and the soccer player
  • Why did they see each other?
  • They show the singer after her meeting with Piqué

The most mediatic divorce of this 2022 between the famous Hispanic singer Shakira and the acclaimed soccer player Gerard Piqué continues to be talked about, and that is that the ex-partner starred in a tense meeting to once again try to reach an agreement that ends their marriage.

The ex-partner met in the office of Ramón Tamborero, Piqué’s lawyer around six in the afternoon local time, however, the meeting became tense after the “endless” negotiations that have delayed the divorce of the footballer and the interpreter of ” Congratulations”.

This is how the meeting between Shakira and Piqué ended

This is how the meeting between Shakira and Piqué ended

Neither of them wanted to make statements to the press that was waiting outside the office. The soccer player was observed very seriously when he arrived at the place, while the singer entered quickly and with dark glasses. But ‘everything changed’ when leaving the office.

As published by the newspaper The vanguard, Piqué left the last negotiation with Shakira ‘tired’ of the negotiations. Upon leaving the scene around 7:50 p.m. local time, the soccer player did not respond to questions from the press. His lawyer did speak to the media.

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