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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Shakira devastated with her children in Los Cabos, Mexico after legal process in Spain

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  • Shakira was captured in Los Cabos, Mexico
  • The singer was seen spending time with her children
  • She is captured sadder and her health worries fans

ARE YOU HIDING IN MEXICO? The Colombian singer was seen in Los Cabos, Mexico, while she was spending quality time together with her children. But, what caught the attention of her followers was the expression that she had of her and several of her began to worry about her health due to the wave of scandals that she has recently experienced.

And it is that the name of Shakira has given a lot to talk about in recent days, after it became known that she is going through a separation with her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, in addition to several problems with the justice system in Spain. But, that’s not all in the bad streak that she has been experiencing, since she also faced a moment of tension after the fall and hospitalization of her father.



Shakira has been involved in a series of problems in recent days and it was recently announced that the sentence she could receive by the Spanish authorities is eight years in prison. Therefore, she was surprised that she was captured on vacation on the paradisiacal beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico, where she was very well accompanied by her two children, Sasha and Milan.

The images have gone around the world, where they point out that the actress is enjoying free time while a legal battle is taking place on her behalf, in Spain. The singer has not made any statements about it, but her fans have been commenting and in recent images of her, they even worried about her health due to how “sad” she looks.

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