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Shakira and Ozuna conquer the top 10 videos on YouTube Argentina that are trending todayThe most famous video platform in the world generates around 15 billion dollars a quarter and around 5 billion clips are played every day

The YouTube platform has become one of the public’s favorite means of having a good time. (Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

With 17 years of life, Youtube has become the most famous video platform in the world and it is that these days it not only serves users to watch musical or funny clips, but it is also used by many to watch tutorials and learn, to fall asleep with famous ASMR, visiting other countries through various vloggers and much more.

Although YouTube has seen the birth of platforms that have wanted to compete with it —such as Dailymotion, Vimeo and the social networks Instagram, Facebook and TikTok—, the website of American origin continues to be liked by Internet users, which has led it to be the second most searched site only behind Google.

In this scenario, YouTube launched its own trending section in 2018 where users can see the new music videos that are very popular in real time in 61 countries, in order not to miss any of the most important clips, since it is estimated that every minute more than 500 hours of content are uploaded while around 5 billion videos are viewed daily.

Here is the list of the 10 artists and their songs that have managed to conquer the Argentine public this Thursday, October 20:


Video: Monotony (Official Video)

Artist/Channel: Shakira & Ozuna


Video: Ass

Artist/Channel: Street Fine



Artist/Channel: LE SSERAFIM


Video: Nxde

Artist/Channel: (G)I-DLE



Artist/Channel: DJ ALEX, Tirri La Roca, Callejero Fino, Salas, Blunted Vato and GUSTY DJ


Video: Hood (Remix)

Artist/Channel: Thunder and Tiago PZK



Artist/Channel: JC Reyes, Pablo Chill-E and Ecko


Video: Hey Mo

Artist/Channel: Ozuna


Video: L-gante x Negro Dub x El Baroja – Salimos De Noche

Artist/Channel: L-Ghent


Video: Session in Barrio #5

Artist/Channel: Alejo Isakk and GUSTY DJ

YouTube in Argentina in 2021

In 2021, urban music videos dominated the trends on YouTube in Argentina.  (Getty)
In 2021, urban music videos dominated the trends on YouTube in Argentina. (Getty)

In 2021 football, music and gaming were the three types of videos that Argentines most enjoyedaccording to statistics revealed by the platform YouTube, although video-reaction and humor clips were also leaked.

During the past year, the most viewed video was that of Francisco Benítez, the winner of La Voz Argentina, who performed the song Todo Cambia; while in second place the video summary of the semifinal of the America Cup between the selection of Argentina and Colombia.

Video games have also found a great reception in Argentina, which is why it is not surprising that the finals of the battle in Free Fire in Latin America.

According to the ranking, positions 4, 5 and 6 were reaction videos, where a clip from Coscu’s channel stands out where he listens BZRP from L-Ghent.

The Master Chef program, which has been adopted in various countries, was also one of the most viewed videos with its Argentine edition, with the number one episode where the contestants were also celebrities such as Tomás Fonzi, Micaela Viciconte, Joaquín Levinton, Denise Dumas and others.

In the eighth place you could find a horror video while in the ninth step appears the most popular video of Kimberly Loaiza with “Prank heavy on my husband”, which also managed to enter the top 10 in other countries. While at number 10 there was a clip about eating at McDonalds.

Finally, when talking about the most important musical artists of 2021, there are exponents of trap, cumbia and reggaeton such as Bizarrap and L-Gante, Mary BecerraTiago, J, Balvin and others, while the most popular youtuber was Mikecrack.


Reference from www.infobae.com

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