Shakira and J Balvin unite to call for a stop to violence in Colombia

The latest developments in Colombia have made the South American country world news, where the political crisis and violence in the country seems to be out of control.

Some political analysts have described as a “civil war” after protests have left at least 19 people dead and 800 injured, for which various personalities have come together to make a call for peace in Colombia.

Shakira and J Balvin unite to call for a stop to violence in Colombia

Some artists like Shakira o J Balvin have asked the government and its inhabitants to stop the unfortunate acts of violence, displaying messages on social networks and other platforms.

“In Colombia there is now a civil war and there are no words to describe what is happening,” said J Blavin in a meeting with the international press to talk about his documentary, The Boy from Medellín, which premieres this Friday.

“We wish that through love, tolerance and conversation we could reach something, right? Because hatred generates more hatred ”, he expressed.

J Balvin says he cannot sleep due to the protests in Colombia

According J Balvin, this situation in his country worries him so much to the degree that he has not been able to sleep and he expressed his support to the families that have been victims of Pociaca brutality.

“I have not slept thinking about what else I can do to help (…) I used my platform networks yesterday at 4:00 in the morning. Like I couldn’t take it anymore and I said ‘ok, it’s time to activate it again, to tell the world what is happening because it is very sad,’ “he said.

Why was this wave of protests unleashed in Colombia?

Let us remember that in Colombia unleashed a wave of protests against an announced tax reform by the government of the president, Iván Duque, during which 19 people have died and caused the resignation of the former Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla.

For its part, Shakira pointed out through her Twitter account that she cannot bear that a mother loses her children or relatives for this problem in Colombia.

“(It is) unacceptable for a mother to lose her only child to brutality. And that 18 other people have their lives taken from them in a peaceful protest, “he explained.

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