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Shakira and Gerard Pique. Filter separation agreement and who would have custody of their children

The break between Shakira and Gerard Piqué has undoubtedly gone around the world, and after several weeks since the news was released, it seems that the separation agreement and the battle for the custody of their children begins to take shape , Well, the singer would have already formally presented the agreements so that the Barcelona footballer can visit Milan and Sasha at their mansion in Miami. Here the details.

They filter separation agreement between Shakira and Gerard Piqué

From the outset, Shakira would be the one who takes the lead to coordinate the agreement. She would stay with her children, but Piqué would not have the door of her house closed.

According to information from the YouTube channel, Gossip no Like, Shakira would be willing to cover the full support of her two children, Milan and Sasha. In addition, they revealed that the singer would pay five tickets a year in first class for Piqué, this so that she goes to see the children because the Colombian wants to go live in Miami.

“Shakira would have proposed to Gerard Piqué that when she visits her children she can stay in the same house that she would live in. Just as the children could visit their father for a month in Spain during the summer holidays

Likewise, the singer of “Gitana” would allow the Barcelona defender to live with her and the children while she is visiting Miami, this so that her children can spend more time with their father.

“Shakira I would suggest that Piqué stay in the house with her and the children when he goes to visit them. They will be in the same house.”

It is worth mentioning that Shakira would also have proposed to Gerard Piqué to help him with the legal issue in which he owes him several million dollars.

“He also offers to support him with 20% of the legal lawsuit he has in which the Barcelona star owes 2.5 million dollars…”

According to what was expressed in the program, the supposed agreement would have been given after “Piqué ended up seeing a psychiatrist because he had a strong depression.” They also say that the player would have broken an agreement with Shakira by introducing her supposed girlfriend to her children, Sasha and Milan.

However, other rumors also indicate that the Spaniard rejected this agreement. So we will have to wait for their respective lawyers or them to give more information about it.

Shakira’s mother talks about a reconciliation with Gerard Piqué

Now she is the mother of the interpreter of “Ojos Así”, Nidia Ripollwho decided to break the silence and in a small interview he offered to Europa Press, expressed his feelings about his daughter’s love failure, with which he would not agree.

According to the information released, the lady was asked if she would like her daughter and her ex-son-in-law to reach a reconciliation and the answer, although it surprised everyone, was quite clear: “Logical”, express.

Ripoll did not want to give more details about his daughter’s sentimental situation; however, he limited himself to saying that she “is fine, thank God” and that she has found comfort in her two little ones; about the alleged intention of her daughter to leave Spain to start a new life in Miami, He claimed to have no idea.

Shakira’s father continues to recover

Regarding her husband’s health, Mrs. Nidia confessed that fortunately it is improving day by day, although at the moment he is still hospitalized and they hope that it will be this month when the doctors can discharge him. The man suffered a heavy fall a few days ago, for which he was admitted to a hospital in Barcelona.

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