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Shahrukh did not want to meet his mother at the last moment in ICU

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Shahrukh Khan turns 55. Born on 2 November 1965 in Delhi, Shah Rukh lost his father Mir Taj Mohammad Khan at the age of 15. Shahrukh Khan’s mother Latif Fatima Khan died at the age of 25 after 10 years. Shah Rukh Khan said in ‘The Anupam Kher Show: Kuch Kuch Hota Hota’ that he annoyed his mother a lot at the last moment. The reason behind this is very emotional.

Shahrukh did not want to go to ICU to meet his mother.
According to Shah Rukh Khan, the day his mother passed away, he was praying in the parking lot of Batra Hospital in Delhi and the mother was admitted to the ICU. Shah Rukh did not go to see his mother at that time because someone had told him that if he prays, his mother will have nothing.

Shah Rukh said that he was asked to pray 100 times, but he prayed more than 100 times. Suddenly the doctor came and asked me to go to the ICU and see mother. This meant that Mother’s last time had arrived.

According to Shahrukh Khan, ‘I didn’t want to go, because I thought my mother would be saved if I prayed, but then my sister and others said I needed to go and then I left.’

Why did Shahrukh bother his mother in ICU?
Shahrukh Khan further said, When trust me that when a person leaves the world, he is satisfied with everything. If it does not, the parents will not leave their children alone. When my mother was in the ICU, I used to sit next to her and hurt her by saying the wrong things.

I felt that if I did not satisfy them they would not leave. So I used to sit next to him and said that if you keep going, I will not take care of my sister. I will not study I will not trade.

He used to talk so stupidly that he used to get in trouble and thought that I will not go now. However, he had to leave. He knew that I would take care of my sister and do something about it. ‘

Shahrukh Khan’s parents with daughter Shahnaz Lala Rukh

Case No. 2: Last remembrance with father
Shah Rukh also shared his last memories with father Mir Taj Mohammad in an interview. According to Shahrukh Khan, his father had cancer. He was under treatment and recovered and returned home. After coming home, the father asked for vanilla ice cream and he gave the ice cream to the father.

Shahrukh said, It was the night of 18 October and I slept. Mother came and woke me up and said that Dad is in the hospital. The last thing I noticed was that Dad’s feet were very cold. Didn’t see his face, because I was so sad. Dad’s last memory with him is vanilla ice cream-moment. ‘

Father gave this instruction to Shahrukh Khan
On the show, Shah Rukh Khan was asked what his parents wanted him to do. So he replied, ‘I was 15 years old and had passed away. So I never had time to tell what was going to happen to me. However, he used to say one or two things and I still remember him. They say that the only thing that makes you happy is to be happy.

I was very close to my father. He was my friend. It is always fine to say no or no work. Because those who do nothing do amazing things. To say that playing hockey is very important, it is our national sport. He also played hockey himself. ‘

Case number 3: sister was going into depression
Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Shehnaz is said to have fainted after seeing her father’s body. She was so painful that she went into depression and became ill.

Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Shahnaz Lala Rukh Khan

In an interview, Shahrukh Khan said, Shehnaaz lost his mental balance after his father’s death and could not recover from the trauma for 2 years. She was neither crying nor boiling, but the grief of losing her father was evident on her face. When his health deteriorated during the shooting of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, we took him to Switzerland for treatment.

On the other hand, my sister was undergoing treatment in Switzerland, when I was shooting for the film song Tujhe De Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam. After treatment, his health was better than before but still he has not recovered completely.

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