Home Entertainment Several artists want to come to Mérida: concerts for 2022

Several artists want to come to Mérida: concerts for 2022

Several artists want to come to Mérida: concerts for 2022

the Billboard for concerts and huge shows for 2022 has already started spreading on social networks, creating expectations in people Followers of the artists or Youtubers presented in Mérida, Even so, doubts remain as to whether or not they will be carried out as the restrictions due to the pandemic can change at any time if the authorities so decide.

Nothing is written about the guarantee of the implementation of these events, although some they are reported as “confirmed”.

Matute, in Mérida in 2022

One of the closest announced in several weeks is that of the Booze, with the concert “Planet Retro Tour “, planned for January 28th in the forum on the motorway to Progreso.

The cards are said to have sold well.

The advertisement for the event suggests that capacity will appear to be limited, 50% and in compliance with all health protocols.

The Polynesians at the Zamná Poliforum in 2022

For him February 5th the show of the Youtuber Los Polinesios with the “Jump Show Tour”; gives two lectures at 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Poliforum Zamna.

The Wizard of Oz returns to Mérida in 2022

the 19th March the group is expected to be based in Mérida. arrive The Wizard of Oz, also in the Zamná Poliforum, with “Al Tackle Tour”. The ad has generated a lot of “Likes” on social networks as one of thethe main rock bands in Spanish.

Mercurio is one of the groups that would arrive in Merida in 2022, in this case the 26th of March, as part of the group’s 25th anniversary tour. The concert is called “Intimate” because the capacity is limited to 500 people and it will take place in a well-known hotel in the city.

Also the Zoé group sponsors a concert in Yucatecan countries for April 22nd, in the forum on the motorway to Progreso.

Although there is no official report on the matter, it has been found that none of these events have yet received the required approval from the Ministry of Health.

Apparently the authorities They are waiting for the pandemic to develop and they don’t want to extend permissions of this type for events with high concentration of people, given the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak, which cannot be ruled out until the Omicron variant arrives in the state.

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