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Sergio Mayer responds to those who criticize that Issabela Camil chose him and not Luis Miguel

Since it came to light Luis Miguel had a long relationship with Issabela Camil and, even, that he was about to ask her to marry him, the actress has been questioned about how their relationship was, but she has preferred to keep the details private. Under this scenario, Serge Mayer He talked about how reserved his wife is when asked about that topic.

The actor was as a guest on a broadcast of the program Montse & Joe, where he coped those who criticize that the famous chose to marry him and reject Sun, who is considered one of the main exponents of music in Spanish.

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Sergio Mayer acknowledged that he does not ask Issabela Camil anything about Luis Miguel and that she has not asked him either. talked about something

Suddenly there are people who question and say: ‘how did you prefer Sergio Mayer to Luis Miguel?’ I tell you, because the facts speak for themselves,” and resorting to a Garibaldi song joked saying: “I have two little balls that go up and down”.

Issabela Camil dismisses accusations against Sergio Mayer (Special).

Issabela Camil dismisses accusations against Sergio Mayer (Special).

Issabela Camil dismisses accusations against Sergio Mayer (Special).

The Garibaldi member pointed out that the only thing he could envy about Luis Miguel is his singing talent, from then on he does not want anything else he may have.

Perhaps what I could envy is his voice and I respect him a lot as a singer, I say: ‘woah, I think it’s the most important contemporary singers we’ve ever had’. My respects with the voice that he has, but from there on out there is nothing that I can envy “.

He commented that it does not bother him that they play songs by Luis Miguel in his house and revealed that on one occasion he asked his wife if she knew that it was from the artist’s mother; however, she remained silent.

He added that lately he is facing problems in his marriage due to the reality show that they are recording and with which Issabela Camil does not agree.

She is very reserved. I have not convinced her, every time she knows that there is a call there is a lawsuit, I have to admit it. I have cameras in the bedroom“.

Sergio Mayer confirms that Issabela Camil was angry with Yolanda Andrade

The actor assured that Issabela Camil was upset with Yolanda Andrade because she asked her about Luis Miguel the time he was on his show. He pointed out that his wife also made the mistake of telling Andrade not to question her about her old romance knowing the character of the driver.

“He told me that he was going to get up”mentioned the politician, “she never does that, she doesn’t like to talk about itI also tell her: ‘you are seeing that the bitch is brave and you arrive and say: ‘don’t ask me about this’, it seems that you don’t know them'”.


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