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Sergio Mayer Mori exposes that Natália Subtil blocked him and does not let him see his daughter; She answers

In recent days Natália Subtil and Sergio Mayer Mori have given something to talk about after the model denounced that the actor has not been responsible for his daughter for a few months and has not seen her either. After this both have done different statements in which Sergio Mayer was also involvedwho has come out in defense of his son and assures that his granddaughter does not need anything.

After the bickering between the Mayers and Natália Subtil, now it was the Rebelde actor who exposed through his Instagram stories that apparently The mother of his daughter does not allow him to see the girl and has him blocked on WhatsApp.

The famous shared some screenshots of the conversation he has with Natália Subtil on WhatsApp, application where the young person is blocked. The images were taken up by the program First hand.

“Do you have me blocked? I want to talk to Mila. Why are you doing this? I just want to be able to talk to my daughter and you do your best to always limit my contact. Please unblock me, I want to talk to Mila. Please, mark me Mila ”, she reads in the conversation.

After posting these screenshots and tagging the model, Natália Subtil went to her Instagram stories to respond to her son’s father with a text.

“The prince started his tantrum early. Yes, you are blocked on WhatsApp for mental health because one gets tired of receiving insults. But you can dial me, send mail, dial directly to his iPad. Do not play poor, “replied Natália Subtil.

So far Sergio Mayer Mori has not replied to what his daughter’s mother wrote, but everything indicates that the dispute between him and the Brazilian model is not over yet, In addition, Sergio Mayer assured a few days ago that he could sue Natália Subtil.


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