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Sergio Mayer ‘decreed’ that he will become president of Mexico in 2024: “Being an actor does not minimize you”

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Sergio said that he aspired to go further in politics (Photo: Instagram/@sergiomayerb)

Serge Mayer went from being a singer in the group Garibaldi an actor in telenovelas like The Most Beautiful Ugly, but in 2018 he surprised the world of entertainment after interfering in the fields of national politics. Thus, after serving as a federal deputy in Mexico City until 2021, now the famous has plans to reach the presidency of the country.

It was during an interview with come the joy where the artist commented on his aspirations and pointed out that being part of the entertainment industry is not an impediment to become president of the nation.

“Of course I visualize myself, I decree it, I think it and I continue to work for it and that the fact of being an actor does not minimize you, nor does it take away the possibility of doing things well, “he said.

In this sense, the former Garibaldi pointed out that great Hollywood stars have managed to be rulers in the United States and have done well, so their goals should not be underestimated.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of the most important state that was California and I have tried to demonstrate with facts that everything they have wanted to discredit me, to say, I have always verified that the truth assists me”, he sentenced before the cameras of the morning of Aztec TV.

It should be noted that a few years after Andrés Manuel López Obrador leaves the presidency of Mexico, some names about the possible candidates are already beginning to circulate by word of mouth. But one of the most powerful has been Marcelo Ebrardthe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), who recently began using his social networks and has gained many followers.

It was just a few days ago that the politician surprised in his account TikTok after appear next to Donkey Van Ranking.

“We were with one of #LuisMiguel’s best friends,” said the Mexican foreign minister.

In the video, Donkey assured that to Ebrard they call it “the rooster”. With this comment he reaffirmed his desire that the militant of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) win in the 2024 presidential election.

Marcelo Ebrard presumed friendship with “El Burro” Van Rankin

Among the comments you can read some like “Of all for president, I prefer Marcelo from Morena” or “Not with these characters Marcelo, instead of helping you they harm you. We want to see you with the ordinary citizen”.

Sergio Mayer on alleged complaint against Daniela Parra

Regarding the speculations that have been made that Sergio Mayer could take legal action against Daniela Parra, daughter of Héctor Parra, the actor mentioned denied the facts.

I never said that I was going to present it, I said that there were enough elements to present it. Many people see her as a tender, little girl, she has a responsibility. She and her lawyers accused me of influence peddling and I’m going to have a press conference on Tuesday to see what happened to that issue, ”she explained.

Sergio Mayer wants to be president (Photo Screenshot)
Sergio Mayer wants to be president (Photo Screenshot)

It should be remembered that, more than a year after Héctor Parra remained in prison for allegedly abusing his daughter Alexa Parra, the legal fight continues and Daniela has ardently defended her father throughout the process.

Thus, recently the young woman denounced Sergio Mayer for allegedly influencing her father’s case and moving contacts.

“I have received several messages of this type, from the same person, which at first glance would seem harmless and even friendly when in fact they have become the new way corrupt people try to manipulate the public image of the whole case by wanting to look like heroes that they are not”, Daniela wrote on her Instagram.


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