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Sergio Mayer and other celebrities attack Gustavo Adolfo Infante for arguing with Joanna Vega- Biestro

Gustavo Adolfo Infante is in controversy after this September 8 he had a live discussion with Ana María Alvarado and Joanna Vega-Biestro and threatened himthe latter of asking to be kicked out of the sun rises

After this fact, Gustavo Adolfo Infante was harshly criticized on social networks, as well as by several celebrities who They did not take long to come out to defend the journalists and ask them to run from the program and from the television station to the driver of First hand.

Through Twitter, Sergio Mayer spoke out against Gustavo Adolfo Infante and considered a lack of respect for the attitude he took towards Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado.

“I join the rejection and repudiation of this type of actor on national television. Imagen TV and Olegario Vázquez, we ask you not to allow this type of misogynistic behavior on the air by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.”

Another who supported Sergio Mayer’s position was Laura Zapata, who, like the former deputy, He has had some differences with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“Off TV! Gustavo Adolfo Infante arrives at his work in poor condition. Misogyny, workplace harassment.

In another tweet, the famous asked that the television station take action against the journalist, including firing him.

“That Gus… Ana María Alvarado is fed up, or you or me? Get the worm out, it’s a terrible influence on television.”

For her part, Sylvia Pasquel also gave her opinion about this controversy and came out in defense of the drivers.

“How dare you treat two ladies like Ana María Alvarado and Joanna Vega-Biestro who also have an impeccable career? Ill-mannered misogynist.”

Finally, Michelle Rubalcava, who for several years worked with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in First hand critical the way in which the journalist behaved.

“Deep down I feel sorry for him! He has taken the bread from our mouths because of his repression, frustration and little talent that he does not know everything that life is going to charge him and from my heart I do not wish him anything bad, but no way, karma is karma.

After the controversy, Gustavo Adolfo Infante in the most recent issue of the sun rises you He apologized to his companions.

“There was a discrepancy of opinions and I got heated, it is a discussion that should have been in private, in an office, which should have been before the producer of this program and not in front of you. Excuse me please, because we are going to continue working… I am a human being, I also get angry and annoyed at times, but for the sake of the audience, the program and your colleagues, it will not happen again, ”he said.


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