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Sergio Mayer acknowledges that they “make fun” of him for ‘Only for women’: “we generate jobs”

Serge Mayer began his career in the late 1980s after joining the group Garibaldi, later he ventured into acting participating both in soap operas and on the big screen. She has also participated in plays and other types of dance shows, one of them is Only for women.

The actor was a guest on the most recent broadcast of the show. members on airwhere he pointed out that although they currently make fun of his participation in the show of striptease, especially now that he is a politician, he does not regret having been part of the cast, since it was a very successful show.

Yordi Rosado says that a friend asked him to be the father of her baby: “I really couldn’t”

Sergio Mayer pointed out that throughout his career he “many things” of which he is not proud; nevertheless, He does not regret it, since that helped him make a place for himself in the industry.

“When you went out it was uncomfortable, you felt bad, it hurts a lot, but it’s part of the race (…) Suddenly they make fun of me, of Only for women and more now in politics”.

He mentioned that the show had such recognition that they were presented outside of Mexico in regions such as Central America, in addition to the United States, specifically in Las Vegas and New York.

When they want to make fun of that, and even more so now that I’m in politics, I tell them: ‘I don’t feel bad about that’, on the contrary, we created jobs, there was a ch*ng* of people who depended on us, we were doing very well , we bear the name of Mexico”.

He added that despite the negative remarks, each project is essential to have experience: “They can criticize and say, but I think that thanks to all that each one of us has done, we are here for a reason.”

Yordi Rosado, sorry for having been in ‘Big Brother’

Unlike Sergio Mayer, who said he did not regret any of the work he did, Yordi Rosado stated that he regrets having been part of bigbrother, a reality show that had both negative and positive repercussions for him.

“Yes and no (it helped me a lot). It didn’t help me because I entered Big Brother looking to separate myself a little from Adal, so that Yordi would no longer be Adal’s but so that people could locate me, but it ended up that I came out of being super loud and I came out of the guy who didn’t know how to count“.

The driver acknowledged that being on the program did help him separate from Adal Ramones, although he stated that they still make jokes about what he does not know how to tell.

Then I went out and as if I said: ‘m*dr*s everything came out of the ch*ng*d*!’, but at the same time it was still the p*nd*j* guy who didn’t know how to count, I started to separate: ‘ah, it’s the guy who doesn’t know how to count, he’s not just Yordi’s guy anymore’ (…) So in the long run it was ch*ng*n, but I did have a bad time.”

And he added: “Yes, there came a time when I said: ‘m * dr * s came for one thing and I got out of the ch * ng * d *'”. It did work for him to separate from Adal Ramones.


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