Sergio Aisenstein, founder of the legendary Café Einstein, has died

Sergio Aisenstein, the creator of the legendary Einstein coffee at the end of the dictatorship and the disco Jungle Ship At the end of the 1980s, he died this Monday at the age of 64, according to the Télam agency.

The benchmark of the porteño counterculture, with a past as a collaborator in the mythical magazine Imaginary Express and in the radio program “The Ghost Train” who influenced Daniel Grinbank in the creation of Rock & Pop, presented his last work five years ago, the autobiographical book “Freakenstein”.

Among other facets, he served as writer, screenwriter and television producer in channels such as TN, Canal A and Canal Solo Tango, where he created the program “La Menesunda”.

“El hombre que baila”, the documentary feature he wrote and directed about the life of tango artist Héctor Mayoral, received excellent reviews from the specialized press.

Sergio Aisenstein, One Of The Founders Of The Legendary Café Einstein, Has Died.  Photo: Télam

Sergio Aisenstein, one of the founders of the legendary Café Einstein, has died. Photo: Télam

“We are all freaks. We all lack something, we all have something left over, we are incomplete beings and that is the idea of ​​the freak. The Einstein Café was the formation of that culture. My path was always to make and create culture and I never paid attention to it. what was happening to the sides, otherwise I would not have done anything “, he assured Télam when talking about his book.

The memory of his life in Europe, the birth of punk and his days with Luca Prodan and other musicians and artists who marked the culture of our country are some of the memories that the author chose to share in “Freakenstein”, a period document but also the story of a survivor.

Aisenstein, the Sergio Luca yells at “I want money” In the Sumo song that bears that name, he maintained a deep friendship with the Italian singer who made his debut with his band at the Einstein -place he founded with Omar Chabán-, as well as other groups such as Soda Stereo.

“Luca lived in my house. He didn’t open up a lot, he didn’t like to show himself. He did it just like the Luca who appeared on stage. Before I met him, I met his friends in Europe. They all died the same: from heroin”, sustained in that interview with this agency.

In his last years, he flirted with the idea of ​​starting again in the Buenos Aires night, something that for different reasons he never finished specifying: “The idea is to create a new place, about which I do not want to advance too much. I would like you to It may be in the Villa Crespo neighborhood, but it’s still missing. First I have the book presentation, I want to go on vacation and then I’ll see, “he said.

Today, musicians, friends and faithful assistants of the Einstein and Nave Jungla sadly said goodbye to him on social networks.

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