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September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 - Light Home News

Hebe de Bonafini, based on her personal testimony, was in Cuba the day she the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group Al Qaeda introduced down the Twin Towers of New York, crashing in opposition to these constructing constructions two planes pushed by suicide hijackers, and killing in a matter of minutes greater than three thousand human beings, in all circumstances defenseless civilians.

A couple of days after the worst assault suffered by humanity within the twenty first century- the essential assault of Islamic fundamentalism in opposition to western democracies-, throughout a public class organized by the Well-liked College of the Moms of Plaza de Mayo, Bonafini, glossed by the morning Web page 12, declared: “Hebe Pastor de Bonafini said that she was in Cuba that day and that she felt joy. “I’m not going to be a hypocrite, it didn’t hurt at all”, because “there were many peoples who were happy” and thus “the blood of so many at that time was avenged”, including their children.

In those attacks “the poor did not die, the populations did not die.” Its authors were “very brave men and women” who “prepared and donated their lives for us”. They “declared war with their bodies, flying a plane to crash and do shit to the greatest power in the world. And I was happy ”. The “fear that they put into us, with the persecution, with the disappearance and with the torture, is now experienced by the entire North American people. That people who kept quiet and applauded the wars ”.

For her, the targets weren’t solely symbolic: “In those two towers, all of us who were going to die, to be out of work, to massacre, to bomb were decided.” Like Viñas, he in contrast the authors with “our children”, “who gave and gave their lives for a better world”, whom they known as terrorists however have been revolutionaries. (1)

Because the web page 12 article reveals, Bonafini was accompanied in that coven, not solely by David Viñas, but in addition by Vicente Zito Lema and Sergio Schoklender, who opportunely sang praises to Bin Laden. The entire scene seems like a Philip Roth parody –The conspiracy in opposition to America-, or Tom Sharp. The great model of Osvaldo Soriano, of the identical literary style, There will probably be no extra sorrow or forgetfulness, it falls in need of the extent of cruelty with which the royal audio system sided with fundamentalist barbarism.

Bonafini’s collaboration with Islamic fundamentalists didn’t occur in simply any nation. Argentina, our homeland had been invaded, on two events, by this similar Islamic fundamentalist motion: in opposition to the Embassy of Israel, in 1992, and in opposition to Amia (Argentine Israeli mutual affiliation) in 1994; in these particular circumstances, deliberate by the Islamic Republic of Iran and executed respectively by two Islamic suicide bombers belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist group.

Al Qaeda has a Sunni root; and the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah, Shiite; However, though they’re confronted by who leads the Islamic fundamentalist motion, totally share your targets: the destruction of Western democracies, the oppression of girls, the extermination of gay individuals, the destruction of Israel and the Jewish individuals.

The targets are so terrifying that they’ve as an alibi their implausibility. However they declaim them transparently, and Bonafini and his henchmen help them.

Lately, the candidate of the Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, attributed the “collapse” of the Twin Towers to a collection of astrological combos: international locations might be learn based on an astrological chart, he declared, and based on that forecast, america was as a result of crash of 29 and the “collapse” of the Towers. Twins

Nicely no: the Twin Towers didn’t “collapse” like a glacier, nor have been they proof of an esoteric success by Nostradamus or José López Rega. They have been shot down by two plane became missiles, pushed by Islamic fundamentalist suicide hijackers who, I repeat, annihilated in a matter of minutes hundreds of kids, ladies, the aged and males, in all circumstances defenseless civilians, to destroy the lifestyle of the ladies. Western democracies, oppress ladies, exterminate those that assume otherwise and impose prison totalitarianism.

Citing astrology and horoscopes to elucidate / justify the assaults on the Twin Towers, exactly within the week that this crime in opposition to humanity is twenty years previous, is worse than a trivialization: it’s a part of the identical Bonafini speech.

It was not the one one, Tolosa Paz: Jorge Rachid, Kicillof’s well being adviser, considers that the Taliban, one other Islamic fundamentalist group, which has regained energy in Afghanistan, is a nationwide liberation military; and his victims, “sepoys”, which is what Rachid and Bonafini name all those that need to reside in freedom.

Through the days after the assault by Islamic fundamentalism in opposition to the Twin Towers, in opposition to freedom, in opposition to range, I bumped into a number of colleagues, journalists, intellectuals, who didn’t take a place on the matter: I used to be strolling by way of Buenos Aires enthusiastic about the way to fight fundamentalism Islamic, and didn’t discover an echo in a variety of thinkers and artists who fell throughout the much more diffuse framework of what we name “progressivism” or “left”.

I had already stopped being a leftist at the least seven years in the past, however in these days I confirmed that I might by no means even condescendingly ponder that combination of imbecility and evil.

The Marxist, Stalinist or Trotskyist left was at all times complacent with Nazism: Stalin made a pact with Hitler from the start till he invaded Russia; and Trotsky most well-liked fascism over English democracy, I quote:

“The brokers of america, England, France (Lewis, Jouhaux, Toledano, the Stalinists) attempt to exchange the combat in opposition to imperialism with the combat in opposition to fascism. On the final congress in opposition to conflict and fascism we witnessed their prison efforts on this regard … “

“In Latin American international locations the brokers of ‘democratic’ imperialism are particularly harmful, since they’ve extra prospects to deceive the plenty than the found brokers of the fascist bandits …”

“Allow us to take the only and most evident instance. In Brazil as we speak a semi-fascist regime reigns that any revolutionary can solely regard with hatred. Allow us to suppose, nevertheless, that tomorrow England enters a army battle with Brazil. On which facet will it stand? the working class on this battle? On this case, I might personally stand alongside ‘fascist’ Brazil in opposition to ‘democratic’ Britain. Actually, it’s a must to be very empty-headed to cut back world army antagonisms and conflicts to the battle between fascism and democracy”. (2)

As I discussed earlier, in The conspiracy in opposition to America, Philip Roth imagines a uchrony wherein the isolationist place triumphs and america doesn’t liberate the world from Nazism.

In his extraordinary historic police Fatherland, Robert Harris invents a world wherein the Nazis triumphed. In my novel The farewell, I solid a online game wherein Islamic fundamentalism takes over the planet. What would that world be run by the followers of Bin Laden or Khomeini, celebrated by Bonafini and Rachid? Sadly it isn’t a uchrony, however a gift menace.

1) The enjoyment of dying. H. Verbitsky. Web page 12. 10.10.2001.

2) Conversing with Leon Trotsky (Impressions collected in interviews with the Soviet chief in Mexico in 1938). Mateo Fossa.