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Señora Rosa reveals that she found photos that she had ‘very well kept’ of Jenni Rivera

“Who would have thought that Jenni Rivera would be next?”

"Who would have thought that later it would be Jenni Rivera?"

Unable to contain her tears again, Mrs. Rosa wondered who would say that after that anecdote her daughter would become who she was: an artist with great talent and who earned a lot of money, although she was also highly criticized, and her whole family “the most criticized”.

“She was a woman who suffered, she did suffer poverty. She was with Trino (Marín), she had Chiquis, a little girl, she was already walking, she was about a year old. Jenni was sad because her husband was not going to go and all the time, I don’t know what that curse of my daughter would be, that when she was going to go out at a wedding or a family quinceañera, she showed up there anyway, “he concluded. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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