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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Señora Rosa reveals that she found photos that she had ‘very well kept’ of Jenni Rivera

“I didn’t even have a jacket to wear”

"I didn

Unable to hold back her tears, Mrs. Rosa recalled that, at her graduation, her daughter Jenni Rivera “didn’t have a jacket to wear,” even though she was going to give a speech in front of her classmates and teachers. The Diva de la Banda asked her mother on that occasion to lend her a suit.

“At that time, the suits fit her and me, I wasn’t that fat or she was that skinny, but they fit us. I have the photos out there, I think, it was a white jacket, which I wore when Gustavo got married, with a black skirt and that’s how Jenni left, that’s how she graduated, “commented The Great Lady before the attentive gaze of Don Pedro Rivera.

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