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Send message from beyond? They announce how Juan Gabriel will celebrate on September 15

  • Did Juan Gabriel revive or does he send a message from beyond?
  • Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz reveals what Divo de Juárez will do
  • The one who was secretary of Juan Gabriel assures that he will be celebrating on September 15

DID YOU REVIVE FOR SEPTEMBER 15? Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz, who was secretary of Juan Gabriel, once again affirmed that the ‘Divo de Juárez’ is alive and announced that he is happy to celebrate the celebrations for the Independence of Mexico, which begin on the night of September 15 Until September 16th. Did he send you a message from beyond the grave or did he revive?

On several occasions, the one who was secretary of Juan Gabriel does not hesitate to talk about the alleged life of the Mexican singer and on Facebook, he shares with his followers that the interpreter of ‘Querida’ sends them greetings and even that he got so sick that he was about to die’. Of course, there is no ‘true’ evidence to confirm his version of events.



A new publication by Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz, who was Juan Gabriel’s secretary, caused a furor on social networks. The man – who claims to know that “Divo de Juárez” is alive – declared that the Mexican singer did not hesitate to send his congratulations to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico and that they will be eating during the celebration.

After appearing with that post on the popular social network, the singer’s fans have not hesitated to express themselves and send messages of greetings to Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz, although there were those who claimed him and told him that “he never shows evidence” about the alleged life of John Gabriel. The former secretary of “Divo de Juárez” has shared photos of the past with the singer, but nothing to prove that he is still alive.

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