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Selling ‘Sunset’s Amanza Smith Reveals She Secretly Had Boyfriend For Two Years

Selling 'Sunset's Amanza Smith Reveals She Secretly Had Boyfriend For Two Years

The 'Selling Sunset' realtor has slightly pulled back the curtain on her current romance.

Chrishell is not the only one selling sunset The star with a new romance on her hands. It turns out that Amanza Smith is dating someone privately for the past two years.

The mom of two, whose ex-husband is former NFL pro Ralph Brown, revealed that a new man has been secretly coming into her life for quite some time. While her friends know, the two have chosen to keep their romance away from the glare of the reality TV spotlight.

“I want to make sure that when we go public we are 100% sure that no one can influence that energy,” Smith said. people, “We came to the decision together long ago that we didn’t want to post about our relationship on social media and be in public. I don’t know, it’s a slippery slope.”

While Smith still hasn’t revealed her man’s name, she did share that he’s a fellow parent and an “amazing human being.” In addition, her lips are closed protectively. “I have a lot of fans who want to see me succeed because they are rooting for me,” she told the outlet. “I have the same number of people who silently hope that I fail. I don’t want to give anyone a reason to rain on my parade because I’m really happy.”

Plus, the mystery is fun. “I think right now it’s become a fun game to keep it a secret more than anything else,” she said. “People have taken pictures of us when we’re out in public. People know. I just don’t want to intentionally do it in front of the media.”

'Sailing Sunset' Reunion

While detectives may be busy putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Smith would prefer to keep the curtain on this part of his personal life. As she admitted, “It’s really the only thing in my life that people don’t fully know about.”

The public was so clueless, in fact, that romance speculations about her and Zac Efron surfaced late last year when she was photographed with the actor. “If he’s my boyfriend, that was the fastest-growing relationship in history because I literally only met that guy for maybe two minutes,” she quipped. selling sunset Reunion “Yeah, definitely not my boyfriend.”

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