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‘Selling Sunset’ season 4 ends with a teaser from Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s romance

'Selling Sunset' season 4 ends with a teaser from Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's romance

While Sell ​​sunset ended in typically dramatic fashion when Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald got into a big fight during the season four finale, the series actually ended with an official season 5 teaser. And it’s safe to say that no one liked the romance between owner Jason Oppenheim and Agent Chrishell Stause arrive.

“We are not criminals. We’re not doing anything wrong, ”says Chrishell, following her divorce from This is us Star Justin Hartley and a short-lived romance with her Dance with the stars Co-star Keo Motsepe confirmed the relationship with her boss in the summer.

The new dynamic in the office surely surprises your fellow agents, who show a mixture of reactions in the trailer. “It’s crazy for me,” says Heather Rae Young, before Mary adds, “I don’t know what to think of it.” Later, Amanza Smith reveals, “I knew before they told me,” while Davina Potratz wisely says, “I don’t go into it.”

“But so strange. Exciting, but so … “Heather adds before the series shows Chrishell and Jason closing their lips during a group dinner.

For fans of the series, of course, the news of the relationship is not new. But this is the first time audiences have seen it Sell ​​sunset, which was previously renewed for season 5.

Speaking to ET ahead of the season four premiere, Jason opened filming for their romance. “While I’m not someone who enjoys sharing my personal life as much as the other women, I feel very comfortable with Chrishell… If there was one person on the planet I would feel comfortable in a relationship out there with, on camera, them is it. So she made it easier for me and we come in, ”he said when he first shared his private life in front of the camera.

He added, “And there are definitely some scenes that are very personal, but I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought.”

Though Chrishell confirmed the two were together in July, Jason says things got romantic during the filming of season 4 (and references to this can be seen in the episodes). That said, Jason is shocked that he didn’t make it on camera.

“I think we did some things that we thought would do season 4 because we thought they might be a little more obvious. And then there are some things that we didn’t think of [would matter]”He shared, adding that“ The production was fun ”with the moment Chrishell brought in Shang Chi Star Simu Liu goes to the office to discuss how to find a home, and the owner keeps interrupting her.

As the teaser suggests, the news of their relationship came as a shock to the office. And only Mary and her husband Romain knew they were together before the news got out. “Then it was a different level of understanding for everyone else. And for some people it just came out of the blue. And that was on purpose, ”Jason explained. “I mean, we wanted to be careful before going public for so many different reasons.”

While it looks like the team is getting used to two of their own office dates, Jason admitted there was a spark between him and Chrishell – suggesting that this development was inevitable.

And while she co-hosted ET, Chrishell said she has never “had a situation”. [like this] happen where I first became best friends with someone. ”And therefore,“ It’s liberating. I am my whole, whole self – good, bad, different and whatever, ”she continued.

“It’s the best way because we knew everything about each other. We work so well together. We have so much respect for each other, ”said Chrishell. “So, I think this is a really good formula to start a relationship with.”

What made it into season four “will be interesting to see what people pick up,” she said, admitting that they are still finding out something right now.

Sell ​​sunset Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.


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