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selling gum to popular television actor

selling gum to popular television actor

During the early hours of this Friday, July 30 Comedian Sammy Perez dies of heart failure Due to the complications of COVID-19, he had to face it after being admitted to the hospital in Colima.

as reported megamedia group on its various forums, After being hospitalized for several weeks, the popular actor passed away at the age of 65 Due to different sequences of coronavirus infection.

Who is Sammy Perez?

Sammy Perez Rivera was born on October 3, 1955 in Pantepec, Puebla. He began his artistic career in 1993, when he participated in an event organized by Georg van Rankin and Esteban Ars, the prison. He later joined the cast of get free.

But even, The actor rose to fame in 1997, when Eugenio Derbez made him a part of the program funny Derbez in time.

during that timeSammy was selling gum on the streets of the Coyoacán mayor’s office in Mexico City.

Sammy Perez, Impossible Section

In 2002, he was part of the programming XH-DRBZ, where Sammy and Miguel Luis worked in the segment led by Derbezzo impossible clause.

Then The theatrical drama followed a reporting schedule and gained popularity for the way Sammy spoke and acted.

It was also part of coverage of the Olympic Games and the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. But that same year Sammy left television for considering it “trivial”..

Even then, Returning to coverage of the Olympics in 2008, when they were held in China.

with this, Appeared in a few chapters of the famous television comedy P. Luche Family.

also in 2013 Sylvia Derbez’s son appeared in the comedy no refunds.

Always act himself and make Latin American masses laugh.

Sammy Perez and his unique comedy

Starting in 2016, Sammy hosted a comedy show In bars and restaurants.

very Appeared sporadically on television; in programs like Today, double meaning You McIlovich Shift Cantina.

In addition, various YouTube channels such as golden scorpion on wheel You X-rayhandjob Ryan Hoffman Podcast.

Sammi Perez falls in love

At the beginning of this 2021, in January, Sami Perez surprised the celebrity and his followers by announcing he had met the love of his life in Colima, and will get married very soon.

The comedian revealed that met his girlfriend in jalisco, but the young woman lived in Kolyma where she would marry. Bride’s link as they said then It will take place at Rancho Campestre El Espinal Colima.

The last thing I heard from Sammy Perez before he caught Covid-19 was that he continued to act with the intention of getting married, but The complications and evils that the comedian was already dragging on did not allow him to continue his life project.

According to the comments of users of social networks, Undoubtedly, the one who, being unique, genuine, with his unique style, was filled with much laughter and happiness, will undoubtedly be missed.

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