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Selena’s posthumous album released 27 years after her death

The great talent of Selena Quintanilla has positioned her as one of the most important Mexican-American singers of all time. Even 27 years after her unfortunate death, she continues to give something to talk about, either because of her great successes or because of her autobiographical series, which ended in 2021.

The interpreter of Forbidden love He managed to revolutionize Tejano music with his particular style, which also had a lot of influence on the fashion of the 90s.

Recently, great news was released for all the singer’s followers on her official social networks: the release of a new album with unreleased songs.

Tex-Mex language! This was the occasion that Selena said “Seventeen” on a live show

Moonchild Mixes Selena’s new album

Abraham and Susette Quintanilla were in charge of remastering and launching Moonchild Mixesan album that lives up to the name of the singer, since Selena in Greek means Moon Goddess.

Moonchild Mixes It has a total of 13 tracks, of which 10 are totally unreleased. AB Quintanilla stated that these songs were mixed making Selena’s voice sound more mature, since several of the compositions were recorded when the singer was only 13 years old.

The Quintanilla family stated that this new album seeks to continue the legacy of the popular Tex-Mex singer.

The public still remembers her. They have not forgotten her and have been waiting for such a project”, declared AB Quintanilla, brother of Selena.

More Selena songs?

After the departure of Moonchild Mixesit was revealed that there are still more unreleased songs from Selena, however, her family has not yet decided if these tracks will be released to the public in the future or will remain protected.

The only sure thing is that Univision is working on a musical tribute called Forever Selenawhich does not yet have a release date but is expected to be released sometime in 2023.


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