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Selena Gomez wears white sweater in Taylor Swift’s TikTok and fans think it’s Chris Evans

Selena Gomez wears white sweater in Taylor Swift's TikTok and fans think it's Chris Evans

More than a month after Selenators came up with the crazy idea that Selena Gomez was dating Chris Evans, the “Rare” frontman posed in a sweater very similar to the one he wore in “Knives Out.”

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, and a sweater is just a sweater. Where is it? Selena Gomez made a surprise appearance in one of the Taylor Swift TikTok is on Saturday, November 13, appearing in a cute moment behind the scenes of Taylor’s appearance on the Saturday Night Live. While some fans were happy to see Selena, 29, alongside her “best” Taylor, 31, others took notice of what the “Lose You To Love Me” singer was wearing. Sel wore a white knit turtleneck sweater, which drew comparisons to the one Chris, 40, wore in 2019 Knives Out.

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“Why is Selena wearing a Chris Evans sweater?” A fan tweeted after seeing the video. “Selena Gomez was spotted wearing Chris Evans’ sweater,” added another. “UHM WHY DO SELENA’S SWEATER REMIND ME OF THIS KNIVES OUT SWEATER WEARED BY CHRIS EVANS ???” “Someone on tiktok said selena wore Chris evan’s sweater in taylor’s recent tiktok video… hmmmmmm.” So it is possible that Selena knows about the savage speculation that she and Chris Evans are an element and send a subliminal message. Or she knows fan theory and trolls her fans. Or, she sends a message that she landed a role in knives outside 2, after sharpening his black chops Only the murders in the building. Or, maybe she was just cold at Studio 8H?

Selena Gomez Wears White Sweater In Taylor Swift'S Tiktok And Fans Think It'S Chris Evans - Light Home News
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The Knives Out sweater was first chosen by the costume designer of the film, Jenny Eagan, who said she couldn’t remember if it was new or vintage or one of a kind, by The New Yorker. She also said the sweater was gone, but Chris said in an interview with People that he had slipped “all the sweaters” from Knives out.

How did all this Chris Evans-Selena Gomez speculation come about? In early October, some fans noticed that Chris was following Selena on Instagram. In this logic, Chris may also go out Natasha Lyonne, Eva Longoria, NASA, Diane Keaton, Stanley Tucci, Cara Delevingne, Amber Ruffin, President Joe biden, and Lizzo, because it follows them too. Even though he To been “romantically linked” to the singer of “Rumors”. Other Selenators have claimed that Chris and Selena left the same studio in Los Angeles on October 1, and later the same restaurant, although neither were pictured together.

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