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Selena Gomez Was ‘Ashamed’ For An Album Cover Where She Felt Oversexualized

Selena Gomez is opening up about the industry’s “unfair” practice of sexually abusing stars at a young age. Case in point: an album cover of hers that made her feel “embarrassed.”

29-year-old singer and actress entered during this Hollywood ReporterComedy Actress Emmy Roundtable featuring Tracee Ellis Ross, Amy Schumer, Molly Shannon, Quinta Brunson and Bridget Everett. Near the end of that hour-long conversation in May, Schumer applauded only murders in the building Star to forge your own path.

“And then how about someone like Selena, who was sexually abused at such a young age, but you just shrugged it off and really found your own style and your own presence,” Schumer says. “Because I know they put you through a system and make you feel like you know how to do it. And especially when you’re getting that positive feedback and people are drawn to you, it’s It takes a lot to go, ‘I’m headed in this direction.'”

“It’s really unfair” Gomez jumped in before she brought up a special experience early in her singing career.

“I actually did an album cover and I was really embarrassed after doing it,” Gomez said. “I had to work through those feelings because I realized it was connected to something deeper that was going on. And it was a choice that I wasn’t necessarily happy that I made, but I think I made my own.” Best done, at least I try to be myself.”

Gomez never mentioned which album she was referring to, but her second studio album, RevivalIn 2016, the then 24-year-old Gomez posed nude. Gomez posted a black and white album cover to her Instagram in September 2016 to promote the album, but she didn’t seem exactly thrilled about doing so, posting minimal in her caption that included the album’s name, release. Date and zero emoji.

“And I’m not an overly sexual person,” Gomez continued. “Sometimes I like to feel sexy, but that doesn’t mean it’s meant to be to someone else. It could be to me.”

Gomez revealed earlier Hollywood Reporter Award Chatterjee podcast about how she felt following Disney Channel from the perspective of her career.

The actress revealed, “I thought it was very difficult for people to take me seriously.” “I’ve slowly progressed through it, and I’m really happy, but it was so frustrating. I felt like a joke, you know?”

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