Home Entertainment Selena Gomez shows off her new swimsuit design

Selena Gomez shows off her new swimsuit design

Selena Gomez shows off her new swimsuit design

Selena Gomez A new business adventure begins.

Having become a successful Beauty Entrepreneur with her own firm rare beautyhandjob Multidisciplinary artist launches herself as swimwear designer with a friend of yours.

Selena Gomez Collaborated with Other Designers

Selena collaborated with the brand la marriott, owned by his friend Theresa Mingus and his partner morgan brutocaoin u designA capsule collection composed of six pieces: Two tops, two bottoms, a swimsuit and a sarong, all in aura print, also created by the actress.


purple color, your favorite

In Mexican-origin singer, video published by Brand he claimed.

“After reviewing several color swatches, Purple was my favorite. I wanted to get away from the colors I’m used to Like red and white.”

The aura that inspired Selena Gomez

end result is a dark purple tone with abstract shapes Dotted with neon greens and oranges.

“stamping” Aura is inspired by Selena, her aura shines through in everything And we want everyone to feel that kind of transformative sense of being your most authentic self,” explains Morgan Brutocao.

“Selena’s confidence is unmatched and It’s so rewarding to be able to design a print that embodies that idea.”

“What I love about this brand is that Celebrates women who love their bodies unconditionally And they give themselves the respect they deserve. I hope you like it as much as I do.”

In photo, sensual pose, Selena Gomez wears very long neon green nails, work tom bachikohandjob and holds her platinum blonde ponytail while looking at the camera, baptized wearing a one-piece suit Gracie In honor of the artist’s younger sister.

Where to buy swimsuits and prices?

The line is available in sizes XS to XXL Prices between $49 and $119 (about 980 to over 2,300 pesos) on the brand’s website And according to Selena Gomez, “It’s all about inclusivity, body positivity, and celebrating the fact that all bodies are beautiful.”

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