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Selena Gomez reacts to organ transplant joke in ‘The Good Fight’, thanks fans for their support

Selena Gomez reacts to organ transplant joke in 'The Good Fight', thanks fans for their support

Selena Gomez doesn’t appreciate being laughed at about her organ transplant. The 29-year-old Only the murders in the building star reacted to The good fight mentioning his procedure during a scene in one of their episodes last month.

“I don’t know how to write organ transplant jokes for TV shows has become one thing, but unfortunately it apparently is,” Gomez wrote on social media Tuesday. “I hope that in the next writer’s room, when one of these tasteless jokes is presented, it will be immediately exposed and will not go on the air.”

“My fans are always supporting me. I love you,” she continued, adding a link to an organ donor page and asking, “If you can sign up, please sign up to be an organ donor. organs. “

The scene occurred in the fourth episode of Season 5 of the series, where a streaming executive (Wayne Brady) asks Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald) to do a sensitivity test on a client. The team then discusses the cancellation culture and what is and is not prohibited.

While some characters suggest that people can’t joke about necrophilia and autism, a character named Jim (Ifádansi Rashad) jokes: “Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant.” After the episode aired, Gomez fans took to social media to call the show.

ET has contacted Paramount + for further comment.

The scene comes eight months after trending “Respect Selena Gomez” on Twitter following a scene from Saved by the Bell the restart went viral. In the clip, two high school students argue over who the singer’s kidney donor was for her transplant.

“I know for a fact that Selena Gomez’s kidney donor was Justin Bieber’s mother. God, I wish I had my phone so I could prove it,” one character says, while another responds, “Prove what? Are you an idiot? That was Demi Lovato’s kidney. They’re best friends, like you and I were. “

In another scene, graffiti read: “Does Selena Gomez even have a kidney?” can be spotted on the wall in the background.

Gomez underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 to fight his lupus. She later revealed that it was her friend and Cultivated-ish the actress Francia Raisa who was his donor.

“Selena was really upset by the Saved by the Bell scene about her health and viewed it as intimidating and offensive, “a source told ET after the viral scene.” She felt like her kidney transplant, and others who went through it, were being used as a joke at his expense. ”

After the outrage, Peacock, NBCUniversal and the show’s executive producers apologized, saying in a statement to ET: “We apologize. We never intended to shed any light on Selena’s health. . We have been in contact with her team and will be making a donation to her charity, the Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC. “

Raisa reacted to the controversy on her Instagram story, writing in part: “Some actors and producers have contacted me personally to apologize for this and I really appreciate it.”

The scene was then removed from the Saved by the Bell episode. Learn more about the controversy in the video below.