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Selena Gomez pokes fun at her single status on TikTok

Selena Gomez pokes fun at her single status on TikTok

Gomez took to the app Monday night, to point out her single status while surrounded by couples.

Selena Gomez is fine with playing fifth wheel. Gomez took to TikTok to mock her single status with friends on Monday night.

“No, I’m fine. I’m totally fine being single, it’s a real thing. It’s okay,” Gomez said to the camera before noticing her group of friends, all of whom were each other. were attached and were looking at each other with love. ,

only murders in the building As she stares from afar, her friends start laughing in the background, the actress gleefully gushing over the lovebirds before pointing at the camera.

The video ends with Gomez shooting the group with an omniscient reveal that the singer may not be as “fine” as she claims.

Gomez is no stranger to making fun of herself. Just last month, she again took to TikTok to make fun of her dating life.

“The last time I was single, I was 24 and the dating pool was everyone,” Gomez, who turns 30 in July, hysterically re-enacted Leslie Mann’s iconic monologue. other woman,

She continued, “And now it’s like a puddle of age-appropriate men who are old and gross, and I don’t want to do that.”

Gomez captioned the clip with a laugh out loud, “I’m running into my 30s, I’m fine with that.”

@Selena Gomez

I’m running in my 30s, I’m fine with that

follow me

The 29-year-old, who previously dated The Weeknd and Justin Bieber, laughed at her singledom once again in March when she posted a video of herself to viral audio, showing a man weeding out a list of compliments . Attempts to persuade the woman he is talking to on the other end to go out with him.

In the audio, the man says that she is beautiful and compliments her smile. The thing is, the woman in the audio isn’t buying what the man is selling, and Gomez, in the caption of her video, explained the reason why she stays single.

He wrote in the caption, “Maybe that’s why I’m single.” “Don’t believe a damn word.”

@Selena Gomez

Maybe that’s why I’m single. Don’t believe a damn word. I

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Gomez, who also showed off a new hairdo with bangs in the process, which quickly garnered rave reviews, put dating rumors to rest after she was seen with entrepreneur Jen Matoshi at a Dua Lipa concert in New York that same month. Despite attending concerts together, multiple reports have confirmed that Gomez and Matoshi are just friends.

See more on Gomez in the video below.

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