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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Selena Gomez Clapped on Body Shamers on TikTok: ‘I’m Perfect the Way I Am’

In a candid TikTok video, Selena Gomez said she doesn’t worry about her weight, which is dwindling and drifting due to health issues, because ‘people bitch about it anyway.’

don’t mess Selena Gomez, The 29-year-old singer took a jibe at the body-shaming comments on TikTok, being the first to proudly admit some of the cheat foods she recently indulged in. “So I’m trying to stay slim, but I went to Jack in the Box and I got four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich,” she said. 10 april video,

Selena then explained that she isn’t letting unreasonable critical comments about her weight get to her. “To be honest, I don’t care about my weight because people think about it anyway. ‘You’re too young,’ ‘You’re too big,’ ‘It’s not right.’ ‘Meh Meh Meh Meh,'” she said. “B**ch, I’m perfect just as I am. the moral of the story? Goodbye,” said Selena.

Selena has never been afraid to admit and defend her weight struggles. She has suffered a number of health problems, including kidney transplants and lupus, and so Selena is losing weight and shedding. she explained on the sail Raquel Stevens’ video podcast give back generation In November 2019 that her weight “fluctuated” due to her medication. “It depends on what’s happening in my life,” she said.

only murders in the building The actress also admitted at the time that making public comments on her body “got me big time” and “actually messed me up a bit.” However, she learned over time to hold back criticism. Selena, who recently revealed that she hasn’t been on the Internet for four years, said on the podcast, “I don’t care to expose myself to everyone and listen to what they have to say.”

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez at the 27th Critics’ Choice Awards on March 13, 2022 (Photo: Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

In a recent interview good Morning America, Selena revealed that she is “happier” than ever because of the focus on her mental health. she is helping others too wondermindA New Mental Health Multimedia Company He Launched With His Mom Mandy Taffy and sail Daniela Pearson, “If I’m known for something, I hope it’s just for the way people care,” Selena said.

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