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Seer Farath Coronel suffers attack during live broadcast on Facebook

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Farath Colonelseer who usually gives his predictions in the program Todaysuffered a attempt while driving his truck to the facilities of Exa FMThis is how it was recorded in a live broadcast that the famous person made yesterday from his account in Facebook.

In the video, Coronel is talking to his followers when suddenly a shot is heard. At this, he momentarily closes his eyes and covers his ears, but immediately follows the transmission. Though a new detonation forced him to ask his escort: “What’s going on, Major?” and to stop the video.

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After this situation, Coronel shared a video with the “mexact moments of the attack”, in addition to a message on the social network to reassure his followers: “During the live I close my eyes and start to have my own visualization, that allows me to lean back completely in my seat and continue. A completely closed white van began to block our way. The Major activated the patrol and the turret of my unit, the first detonation is heard and it is repelled with 3 subsequent shots”.

Likewise, the seer pointed out that the authorities are already investigating what happened: “The cameras of the Secretary of Public Security of the CdMx and the corresponding authorities are already helping”.

In another video, Farath recounted in detail what happened in the attack: “We were heading to Exa through the airport area, We were going over the Viaduct, I was talking, my whole team was calm, and I didn’t realize that a truck was coming behind us”.

“The Major was the escort, I was seated and my assistant was behind. When I see that the truck gets in, it closes the road for us to get out in a diversion, what the Major does is turn on the patrol of my truck, the Major turns on the turret and the truck continues to close, “he said.

“Two people were wearing a blue shirt, with an engraved Mexican flag, that’s why I asked if they were judicial. Then, the Major grabs, I see the truck approaching, I close my eyes, I see what is going to happen to me, I grab it and lie down”.

Farath revealed that he did not think “that it would happen to adults and I keep talking to people. I hear the first shot, but I don’t feel it towards us, I hear the detonation. (…) I think I closed my eyes or covered up my hate, I don’t remember what it was”.

Then, his escort, the Major, repelled the attack: “The Major fired, gave the unit three bullets and punctured the tire. The van was a completely covered white station wagon; There were two people in front, we didn’t know who was in the back.”

“Thank God the escorts responded favorably and I’m fine. I’m not going to get to sit in my room and cry; Yes, I have my nerves on edge, but I have to work“, he added.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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