See what Carrie Underwood wrote in her journal after winning ‘American Idol’

See what Carrie Underwood wrote in her journal after winning 'American Idol'

Carrie Underwood celebrated her superhero’s 17th anniversary on Instagram on Wednesday American Idol Victory.

“Where does the time go,” The singer wrote on Instagram, “Please enjoy a page from the magazine of a 22-year-old farm girl who just had the most incredible night!”

The journal entry tells the story of the final moments before Ryan Seacrest announced his victory on May 25, 2005.

“It arrived at this last moment. Ryan had the gold card in hand,” young Underwood wrote. “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they presented us with the keys to 2 identical red convertible 2005 Mustangs! How cool is that? Anyway, back to the story. Big moment. I took another look at the amazing crowd and it Let it sink in for a few seconds. Ryan said something like, ‘And there’s your 2005 American Idol…’ My heart was beating fast and I closed my eyes. Carrie Underwood!!! The crowd went wild. I immediately started crying. It was a beautiful moment. All the other contestants were sent to hug me. I was crying the whole time. Then I was asked to sing. I murmured through ‘Inside Your Heaven’. The art of pyrotechnics followed me.”

Underwood defeated runner-up Bo Bice to win the fourth season of the prestigious reality singing competition. Winning gave her a recording contract with 19 Recordings/Arista Records and she released it some hearts album in the same year. The release sold over seven million copies, making it one of the American IdolMost successful alumnus in the show’s 20-season history. She has since released nine more albums and won her eighth Grammy Award last year.

her latest album, denim and rhinestonesComes out next month.

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