Home Entertainment Sebastián Yatra has a new video clip filmed in Villa Lugano

Sebastián Yatra has a new video clip filmed in Villa Lugano

Sebastián Yatra has a new video clip filmed in Villa Lugano

The Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra started with all this 2022 and it already has a new song. It’s about the topic Passenger love, which is part of his highly anticipated album Dharma, which launches worldwide on January 28. Yatra composed the new single along with other collaborators, including Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, who also produced the song.

The Argentine cumbia rhythm that predominates in Passenger love It is accompanied by a fun music video filmed in Buenos Aires, in the popular neighborhood of Villa Lugano, and of which, along with Sebastián Yatra, the renowned Argentine actress, Betiana Blum, is part.

The idea for the video clip was born from the Colombian singer himself, and the material was directed by the visual collaborator of Bye Y Ideal girl, Joaquín Cambre. The classic Buenos Aires taxi, yellow and black and the characteristic monoblocks of Villa Lugano they are the landscape of the new clip.

Sebastián Yatra In Passenger Love, Aboard A Buenos Aires Taxi.  Photo: Press.

Sebastián Yatra in Passenger Love, aboard a Buenos Aires taxi. Photo: Press.

How is the story

In the official video we see an unknown woman, dressed as a bride, suddenly breaking into the taxi in which Yatra is traveling, recently arrived in Buenos Aires. The bride, accompanied by two other women, goes to look for her boyfriend who you are running late for your marriage ceremony.

Bethlehem Negri, who plays the role of the bride’s youngest companion and is Sebastián Yatra’s new love interest, appears at the wedding party of Yatra’s new friends, but not before attending a soccer game. But is it all a fantasy?

Sebastián Yatra conquers hearts thanks to his lyrics, visual art and charisma. The award-winning and talented artist will release his long-awaited third album, Dharma at the end of the month, where his mega pop hit appears Red high heels, which has 176 million views combined and maintains its position within Spotify’s Global Top 100 list.

Also on the album are her three times platinum single, Couple of the year, the mega hit twice platinum, Ideal girl, and its Latin Grammy nominated song, Bye, which were released last year.

Away from the genres

The 27-year-old Colombian artist no longer focuses on genres. When the singer-songwriter begins a project, he claims to create music that explores new sounds. The album DharmaFeaturing a total of 17 tracks, it demonstrates the versatility of this hitmaker across various musical styles.

This versatile composer who crosses genres will start his world tour, Dharma World Tour on February 23 in Mexico City, and then more dates will be added in other cities and countries that will be announced through its website https://sebastianyatra.com.

Sebastián Yatra Filmed The Amor Pasajero Clip In A Video Clip In The Villa Lugano Neighborhood.

Sebastián Yatra filmed the Amor Pasajero clip in a video clip in the Villa Lugano neighborhood.

The show that Yatra will perform during her world tour will feature a set of songs that includes some of the fan-favorite songs such as, Red heels, Steal a kiss, Treacherous, TBT, Dream girl Y Couple of the yearalong with the new songs.

On the other hand, the presentation of the Colombian singer and composer of the song, Two little caterpillars from the animated movie of The Walt Disney, Charm, has been nominated for the Golden Globes Awards and the 2022 Critics Choice Film Awards.

The song received two nominations: “Best Original Song-Movie” and “Best Song” respectively, honoring the original work of the acclaimed composer. Lin-Manuel Miranda. The topic was also highlighted on the coveted list of songs that could receive an Oscar nomination this year.


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