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Sebastian Weinreich returns almost happy and says he lives a second youth

In 2020, when confinement due to the pandemic was at its highest point, from Netflix screens, an Argentine production was shocked and became one of the hits of the year, almost happy, It was written and starred by Sebastian Weinreich in front of a large cast.

The story centers on a radio host who didn’t know how to cope with separation from his wife, played by Natalie Perez. on 13th April. second season of almost happyWith similar cast and different guest figures.

– After the first season which was a success, how did you cope with the second? Did you feel pressured or over-expected?

Almost Happy, the second season premieres on April 13.  Photo: Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

Almost Happy, the second season premieres on April 13. Photo: Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

I didn’t feel the pressure because reaching the second part was a natural process. It happened and went away, I needed to keep telling the story, This was all on my mind from the very beginning. Then came the quarantine with the lockdown and there I devoted myself to writing. It helped me put together that parallel world, where there was no covid or pandemic, and made the reality more bearable.

art and abstraction

In an “almost happy” world, let’s say…

– That, of course. It was good for me to abstract myself. But in reality everything that is artistic is always concerned with that. It’s something half-childish, in the best sense, something playful, inventing a world for itself: taking pictures, writing, acting. Everyone does what they can with it. And for me, writing is a beautiful thing And I don’t say it romantically because so is the job.

– How do you go for this job?

– There are different stages. There is a romantic phase in which ideas arise, I make notes, they send me audios, but then you have to sit down and work on everything, the characters, the plot.

What is commonly called: 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Yes, and I like that part of the job too. The thing that weighs me the most is the rewriting, Because you never end.

almost happy.  Natalie Perez and Sebastian Weinreich, A New Opportunity.  Photo: Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

almost happy. Natalie Perez and Sebastian Weinreich, A New Opportunity. Photo: Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

-Are you too obsessed and it’s hard to find the end point?

-I’m obsessed, but I have great faith in the team, in this case, the director starts with Hernan (Guerschuni). I know how he wants to tell the story and at the same time I know he is going to surprise me. Sometimes I write scenes and when I go on the sets I come across something that didn’t happen to me and I love that.

what happens in the second season

In this new season, the protagonist’s conflict with his ex-wife, who is pregnant by another man, deepens; With your kids, with your co-workers and with your brother. Natalie Pérez, Santiago Korowski, Peto Menaheim, Lucas Weinrich, Sofia Guerschuni Pesci and Miguel ngel Podesta are part of the cast.

Others attending as special guests include Carla Peterson, Benjamin Amadeo, Juliette Diaz, Roberto Moldavsky, Carlos Portaluppi, Rafael Ferro, Daniel Hendler, Diego Gentile, Gustavo Garzon, Adriana Ezemberg and Maria Abadi.

Sebastian Weinrich.  A character similar to him in Almost Happy.  Photo: Andres D'Elia

Sebastian Weinrich. A character similar to him in Almost Happy. Photo: Andres D’Elia

-Are you very clear about how the characters are outlined and how they’re going to interact?

-To know where the characters are going, It helps me a lot to know the actors who are going to play them, For example, since I envisioned Carlos Portaluppi as the obstetrician for the character of Natti, I knew it had to be him. If he didn’t tell me, it was a problem. Same for the role of Daniel Hendler.

– Do the characters already included in some actors appear in your head?

– Of course and there is something cute in it. The base of the cast is the same as in the first season, but there are a number of guests who don’t come here to do cameos but instead join in and propose things and that adds other nuances to the story. Luckily, everyone we called wanted to be.

The concept of “almost” happy is interesting, because in reality no one is completely happy.

-that’s the idea. Besides, if we were happy all the time, it would be unbearable. somehow, Almost This is a joke. I believe in a certain fleeting joy, or in a goodness, agreeing with oneself and doing the things that one wishes to do. It’s an uphill battle, because apart from the mandate that one has, there are also situations that sometimes don’t let you do what you want.

Truly, what could be a better show than a pandemic, and now, though far away, a war.

Of course, all that affects you too and later, personal drama, economic, social, familial, and sometimes, to get rid of it all, you don’t even do it. Because sometimes you have to please yourself.

-Excuses can always be found, of course. In your case, did you learn it over the years?

Years are tanning you, or you learn or you drown. Especially with the question of time, not to waste time. I also don’t believe in “enjoy it as the last day”, because you can’t stay like this forever. it’s to find the balance and that’s the most complicated, I agree you don’t always have to be productive, to waste time with what you want.

It is also important to have the possibility of doing nothing and feeling good.

It’s basically about having a good time. It is fundamental. I’m feeling it more and more: I love doing it, period.

Sebastian Weinrich.  Photo: Andres D'Elia.

Sebastian Weinrich. Photo: Andres D’Elia.

Because of me, because of my big mistake

Are you finding it difficult to get rid of the guilt of Judeo-Christian culture that there is more suffering than pleasure, of being?

It is a matter of getting rid of that guilt, questioning and feeling that there is a higher entity that is judging you all the time. Because I think it’s a way of keeping us in control, telling us that life is the best that comes. but life is what we have now,

– How are you doing it? With therapy or something?

In my case, with therapy. This is something that helps me a lot. But at the same time, there’s also something I don’t know where it comes from. If I go back to my life, I didn’t have a plan B. If I hadn’t dedicated myself to this, I don’t know what I would have done, Actually. I never felt it as a rebellion or breaking the mold, I was sure I wanted to do what I do and that I was going to be able to live by it.

Sebastian Weinreich almost rejoices at the Netflix premiere.  Photo Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

Sebastian Weinreich almost rejoices at the Netflix premiere. Photo Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

– This certainty may be because you really like what you do.

– Perhaps, but I do not know where this certainty comes from, it is probably something from the unconscious. And it is a medium that deludes itself; You can distract yourself with some nonsense that has nothing to do with work. and me what interests me the most: writing, acting, radio.

– In short, different ways of telling stories.

I think it is something that binds us all. With a series, a movie, a play, a book, you are always looking for answers, a door that opens, you try to recognize yourself and wake up.

-The fact that there are so many platforms, so many stories available, does it condition you to put your story together by thinking about the competition?

-No, I am interested in telling what I have to say, it is a matter of honesty and transparency. It’s hard to tell a story you want, it’s impossible to do it with a story you don’t know about. If you think about everything that’s out there, you do nothing, The world doesn’t need another film or another series or anything else, but you write as per the need.

Radio is a common area for Cassie Feliz's protagonist and its creator, Sebastian Weinreich.  Photo Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

Radio is a common area for Cassie Feliz’s protagonist and its creator, Sebastian Weinreich. Photo Tomas Francisco Cuesta / Netflix.

-The key is in the authentic beyond production quality?

I think so, but I’m not even looking for him. I do this and that’s it. therefore I was surprised what happened to the first season of the series, it was crazy. We knew it was going to have an impact because of what Netflix represents, but it exceeded all expectations, it exploded. It was good, and especially in such a complicated moment. Now we’ll see what happens with the new one, but I don’t see what can happen.

person and character

– The character from “Almost Happy” is called Sebastian, he’s also an Atlanta announcer and fan just like you and has a similar sense of humor. How many of you are into him and how much do you want him to be like you?

There is a game, a little sick to know something, like all the literature itself. But ultimately it’s not the most important thing if it’s the author or alter ego. There are many coincidences as a starting point, but nothing more, For me too, everything we do is autobiographical, even if it is not obvious. If I write a series about four lawyers, I will show my point too.

– Sebastian in the series has problems with relations, is it different from yours?

He has a barbaric quilombo in his relationship, he can’t flow and he feels surrounded by everything around him and I don’t think so.

-You have a better time.

-Completely. He didn’t get one, he’s stuck. Luckily, in this second season, he’s going to do a little better.

– Do you have another chance? Do you believe in second chances?

– something happens to the character and that is, at our age, more or less, something grabs you like another young man, You are more tired but you have more equipment, you are not lost like 18, 20. I like this age better than a guy, you know more about what you want.

-Besides the radio (“Vuelta y Media” by Urbana Play), you were working in Miami, how was the experience?

– it was brilliant, Susanna Jimenez even came to see me! I put on a show just for there, I did three performances with Argentine, Chilean, Uruguay, Colombian audiences. And everyone had seen the series. Now I also prepare for the tour weak, Few weekends in different cities of the country.

-Can you say that you are almost happy?

-Yes!!! Well, the truth is a little more.


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